Bringing Wit and Humor to the Spiritual Community

Hi, I’m Dana and I’m so happy to meet you! I’m an intuitive, medium and a healer.I attempt to co-create my reality every day. Many days this is a struggle. Even though I’m a spiritualist, drink tumeric tea, meditate and all that other stuff, I’m just like you. Sometimes I feel like smacking people in the head but instead, I calmly take deep breaths and try to get back to my center – easier said than done, friends.

I try to live my life with spirit as my guide. I always ask for the highest good for a person or a situation but, I’m human and sometimes I fail miserably. I’m thankful that my angels and guides have a sense of humor though. They often chuckle when I think about pushing some relative or frenemy into a puddle of raw sewage.

After many years, I’ve learned it’s okay to think certain things………..just not to do them. I do believe that thoughts become things (in as little as 17 seconds) so I try to shift the focus away from the negative thoughts before they turn into karmic monsters and bite my ass.

I’m really good at reading people and situations. I’m very fond of tarot and oracle cards. They practically jump out at me during readings. My guides have a pretty no nonsense approach to getting messages across.

Healing with crystals is one of my favorite things to do and I often use these sparkly beauties in my reiki practice.

Wonderful and strange things are always happening to me. I attract people and situations to my life where I’m needed to help. It seems I have a purpose to fulfill.

I’m pretty sure I’m paying back some karmic debt.

Won’t you join me on my journey in this magical place we call Earth and “the space in between”? There’s so much to learn and I’d love to share it with you.


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Dana is a true angel. She has saved the day for me many times with her helping to heal my many pets. I've had reiki and crystal healings with her on many occasions. I think of Dana like the Care Bears sending beams of light from their bellies to help others - sending love and light all over the Earth.  <3

Tiffany Donor

May 18, 2017

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