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I am now calling Christmas, 2015 – “A Crystal Christmas”. You have to know my husband to know that he is quite set in his ways. He’s an old-fashioned, rigid thinker who hates to be challenged.  I have no idea why he wanted to marry me. I do nothing BUT challenge him and give him continuous grief about his attitude toward people and things.  So why did I want to marry Al? Good question. There’s a side to Al that few people know. I’m one of the lucky ones.  No sarcasm there. Honest. Of course this goodness that he owns doesn’t excuse his bad behavior ( I never could resist a bad boy) but it stops me from smashing the shovel on his stupid head when he does kind and thoughtful things for me.

If you’ve been following my blog you know that Al is a Catholic.  At the risk of repeating myself, in my opinion, that’s Al’s first problem.  Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the Christianity part that bothers me. Again, at the risk of repeating myself from former blogs, it’s the rigid indoctrinational (is that a word?) thinking/shoving down your throat/we’re right and you’re wrong and that’s-that mindset that I’ve come to understand (but really dislike) being married to Al all of these years. Hey, did you get all that?

New Crystal Ball – Love at First Sight!

So, in understanding Al, you need to understand that him buying me a crystal ball (among other beautiful crystals) for Christmas was a really, really big thing! The Catholics I know and love don’t believe in crystals, fairies, tree spirits, tarot, reiki or most of the other mystical things or gnostic ideas that are part of my everyday normal life.  It’s sort of like the Southern Baptist preacher buying a gift basket of matzoh for a Rabbi on Passover.  Maybe, just maybe, the preacher understands the meaning of Passover but he doesn’t have a Jewish grandmother so he really has no idea what matzoh (a/k/a Jewish crackers) really is/are. I really hope you get the comparison here.

My New Love Pictured with My Favorite Crystal Healing Wand

I oohed and aahed over the crystal ball; it really is magnificent. The pictures do not do it justice.  The energy emanating from this crystal is powerful and amazing.  I cleared, cleansed and programmed it and was trying to decide where best to place it. It doesn’t go with any of my decor. I’m really into the rustic and primitive look.  I’m attracted to things that look old and broken but I’m not about to put a crack in my crystal ball. I do have crystals placed all over my house that are unobtrusively mixed in with my primitives but, I don’t have anything as large as this new treasure. It couldn’t blend in if it wanted to. It’s a stand alone piece.

At home, I spend most of my time in my bedroom (not on my back so get your mind out of the gutter) so that is where I decided to place it.  My bedroom is my peaceful oasis, uncontaminated with negative energy that comes from the television in the family room blaring Joe Kenda (detective show) or Dion Graham, infamous deep and distinctive voice of “The First 48”.

“Coming up in the First 48…….two men are shot down in a hail of  bullets. Miami detectives struggle to break the code of silence before the bloody turf war claims yet another life……and……….




Welcome to my life.

So anyway, I put the beautiful crystal ball in the bedroom whereupon Al initiates the following conversation with me:

Al:     I’m glad you like your Christmas present.

Me:   I love it!

Al:     I was thinking.

Me:    Crap. (Rolling my eyes – was another discussion yet forthcoming on Al’s theories about the end of the world?)

Al:     You’ve been telling me you want a quiet meditation space where no one will bother you.

Me:  (Heart beating with excitement and joy) Yes? Do you finally have an idea where you’re going to build it?

Al:   How many times do I have to tell you that there is no place to “build” it. What I had in mind was our bedroom closet.

Me: Okay, I think? (Thank God our closet is a walk-in)

Al:  If you cleaned up and organized your side of it you could put your books and crystals and “stuff” in there with some pillows and some music and you will have a peaceful space. (I could see he was really proud of this idea so I pinched myself to stay quiet)

Then Al blows my mind………..

Al:  In fact, I was thinking of trying this meditation thing myself.

Me:  Whoa. Smelling salts please! You’re going to meditate? Wait, is this a set-up to get me to clean the closet out?  (It’s pretty sick but his side is all organized and neat and mine is quite the disaster. In my defense I know where everything is though!)

Al:   No, I really want to try to meditate and everything I’m reading says you should have a dedicated space.

Mind blown again.

Me:  What? Not only are you reading but you’re reading spiritual stuff?  (Oh I get it. Hey aliens, bring my husband back, please. You can have him back when the winter is over. I need him to snow blow).

Al:    So, what do you think?

Me:  I find it fascinating that you want to use MY SIDE of the closet. I think you’re becoming more anal about my organized chaos and this meditation thing is just an excuse to get me to clean it up.

Al:  Well, I’m not going to say the thought didn’t cross my mind………but……….I really do want to try this meditating thing with you. We should have a dedicated space that always has good energy.

Me: (sputtering and choking while laughing my butt off)  Someone please call a priest – we have a problem here! Oh you read some kind of mediation for dummies book or you Googled something and suddenly you’re an expert. Okay, well I like the idea so I’ll go along. I’ll clean the closet.

A week later……………

Me:    Did you mediate today?

Al:     No.

Me:    Did you meditate yesterday?

Al:    No.

Me:   How about the day before?

Al:    No.

Me:   Are you going to meditate tomorrow?

Al:    Maybe if I have time.

Me: I see.


Al 1 – Dana – 0

The good thing is that I have an awesome new meditation space. Al even built me a meditation bench that will “rock me into perfect posture for maximum energy flow”. (my husband the infomercial)  He even thought of the pillow for my knees. The little homemaker sewed it all by himself. It’s made from camo material.  I’m really sorry that I forgot to take a picture but I will for a future post. 

Will Al EVER meditate? I don’t know. I’ll check my crystal ball and get back to you just as soon I read the directions on “scrying.”




Wishing all of you a happy 2016 rich in abundant blessings even if I am a week late!

New for 2016:

I will be doing a monthly drawing for a free mini intuitive reading (15 minutes). All you have to do is be a subscriber to my blog.  I will choose one person at random at the end of each month and will notify that person via email.  (I might even ask the crystal ball for the winner’s name 🙂 )  If you are the winner and you choose not to receive the reading that’s fine but you cannot transfer it to your mother’s uncle’s cousin’s sister’s aunt.

***Readings are for entertainment purposes and should not be replaced by common sense. I am NOT a fortune-teller and do not “predict” occurrences, events or outcomes.  Sorry but my dead attorney (may he rest in peace) contacted me from the other side and said I have to put that little clause in there.






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