Kabbalah and the Wheel of Life: We’re All Connected

Throughout history, many cultures have practiced honoring the four directions as part of their connection to well-being, nature and spiritual harmony. In the Native American culture, the four directions are placed within The Medicine Wheel, also referred to as the “Sacred Hoop.” Each cardinal direction, East, South, West and North, hold the lessons of physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Symbolism is woven through each one in the form of colors, animals and elementals.

The Medicine Wheel is also known as “the wheel of life” where there is no beginning or end.  It represents a way of living that is always evolving and transforming.  By studying and calling in the four directions, we can begin to uncover our struggles so that our intentions and prayers can be realized.

“the medicine wheel shows us that we are all connected and shows us the intricacies of the interwoven threads of life and what our part in it all is.”

When life calls for a ceremony to open sacred space, such as prayer, ritual or meditation, the four directions can be invoked and become the sacred ground in which to do our spiritual work. By opening sacred space, permission is being asked from spirit to perform a ceremony in that space.

“within sacred space we have extraordinary spiritual assistance available to us. When we call within sacred space, the Universe conspires on our behalf.”

The history of the medicine wheel and the four directions varies within Indigenous cultures all over the world. Each culture honors the core belief that all things on earth are living and all things are interconnected. Whether the four directions are invoked through ceremony or daily living, there is a deep reverence and respect for the cycles and mysteries of life.

The wheel typically begins in the East, which is the place of the rising sun, the dawn of a new day, new beginnings and the Spring.  The East brings newness, and fresh starts. The East shines light in places where there was once darkness. Here you will find illumination and inspiration. The East is the element of air. It is the place where the eagle, hawk and condor live. In the East, we are able to gain a distant perspective on our lives; to see far into the future and understand what the best direction we are to take.  The East relates to childhood, adolescence, and correlates to the archetype of the teacher.

Next on the wheel is the South. The South symbolizes high noon, the element of fire and Summer. It is here that we learn about celebration, innocence, and travel. We dance our dance, sing our song, and share our existence with others.  Whereas In the East we have gained insight and understanding into our lives, it is in the South where we share that understanding. It is here we learn the lessons of the heart. Coyote, wolf and rabbit dwell here. The South relates to early adulthood and correlates to the archetype of the visionary.

The West is the dusk, the element of water and Autumn. It is in this place that we begin our journey inward to reflect on the expansiveness and extroversion of the East and South. The West is the place where we look within. Here we are shown the unhealthy patterns that we must let go in order to become who we truly are. This is the lesson of the trees who, in Autumn, drop their leaves to nourish the Earth once again. Bear and Crow reside in the West.  The West represents a time of great emotion as we slow down and gather ourselves for the winter ahead. The West relates to adulthood/middle age and correlates to the archetype of the healer.

The final turn on the medicine wheel is the North. The North is the night, the element of Earth and the Winter. The North is the place of nothingness, where we return to the Great Mystery to receive our vision which began in the East.  The North is the place of the dreams; the day dream, the night dream and the life dream. This is the where we dream deeply in order to envision our life purpose and who we truly are. Ancient elders and wise ones live in the North, but we must be able to open ourselves to receive their wisdom. The buffalo dwells here.  The owl and other nocturnal animals reside here as well. The North relates to elder-hood and correlates to the archetype of the warrior.

In the Book of the Zohar, (Kabbalah)  the four basic elements (air, fire, water and earth) are mentioned, as they refer to the parallels between these elements, the four corners of the Earth and the four ministering Archangels; Raphael, Guardian of the East, Michael, Guardian of the South, Gabriel, Guardian of the West and Uriel, Guardian of the North. These angels are also referred to as the Guardians of the Gateways.

The Holy One created Four Cardinal Directions in the world – East, South, West and North. East, from where the light shines forth into the world…..As the Holy One, blessed be He, created the Four Cardinal directions and four standards corresponding to them, so also did He set about His throne, Four Angels – Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel.

 – Midrash Rabbah, Numbers 2:7-10

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life work. Kabbalah literally means “to receive” and is the study of how to receive fulfillment in our lives. Kabbalah is not a religion but a blueprint for living in order to become closer to God.

In Kabbalah, the Star of David symbolizes the six directions of space (East, South, West, North, Above and Below) plus the center,which is God. The six points symbolize that God rules over the Universe and protects us from all six directions.  How beautiful is that?

You see those triangular shapes?  They are the actual alchemical symbols for the four elements.  Put them all together and you get the Star of David. Fascinating, right?  I thought so.

So tell me, what do Native Americans (not to mention Peruvians, Celts and others) and, ancient Jewish people from two complete and separate parts of the world have in common?  God.  One God. We are all connected my friends. This is all part of the Great Mystery.

I have to tell you, once, when I was a kid, I saw a lady in the synagogue during the High Holidays. She was dripping in turquoise and gold. She was wearing some kind of hat with feathers sticking out all over the place. I know she thought she looked stunning, but to me, she looked like she was wearing a small turkey on her head.  Well, that’s what came to my mind anyway.  It was Yom Kippur so I was fasting and was ravenously hungry. That hat was starting to look good……… but anyway…………that’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to commonality between Jews and Native Americans. 🙂

I have begun incorporating the invocation of the four directions into some of my own spiritual practices. I create a protective circle/sacred container around myself with my selenite wand and then reverently call in the quarters (directions). Instead of “create a circle”I could say “cast a circle” but then some of you would probably get all nervous and jittery and think I’m a witch and shit like that.  I know “casting circles” can have a negative connotation.

The truth is that circles are actually cast (or created, if you prefer) for protection from negative energies. I usually create a circle/sacred container around myself while doing any type of spiritual work, especially readings and meditation. Just for the record, I have nothing at all against witches. I know quite a few witches.  Besides my ex mother-in-law, may she rest in peace, pu, pu, pu, witches are wonderful people who only want to bring light, love and healing into the world. There are all kinds of witches, even Christian witches. No lie. Google it.

I am open to all religions and beliefs but I don’t mess with that dark and twisty stuff. No dead chickens on my altar. Nuh uh. Not me.

Yes, I said “altar.” Nothing to get all freaked out about. Altar is synonymous with shrine, sacred space, hallowed space; holy space.   I have several altars in my home. One for healing, one for manifestation, one to celebrate the moon, one to honor and work with the nature spirits and one for holidays of all faiths.  I have crystals out the ying yang (but I still NEED more).  They bring beautiful energy to my home and to the sacred spaces within my home.

So how did a nice Jewish girl from Philadelphia get to this place? And, I do mean really nice Jewish girl. In fact,  I was a virgin until I got married. Okay, you got me on that one but still, a nice Jewish girl at heart.  Now I’m at the point in my life where I would rather have crystals than shoes.  That’s just blasphemy where I come from.  I’ve even thought of selling one of my Tory Burch bags for this awesome shamanic journey crystal generator that is calling my name.  Some times I don’t even know who I am anymore.  🙂 

For those of you who have asked, my husband, Al, is fine. His latest thing is buying used spiritual books on Ebay and Amazon.  Right now, he’s going down the Kabbalah rabbit hole with me so he’s buying every book he can find.

Al: “It was only .99.”

Me: “Yeh, but honey, the shipping is $12.00 and you don’t even read them.”

He hands me a yellow highlighter.

Al: “You read it and just highlight the good parts for me.”

Al goes to church every Sunday but gets daily emails from “Ask the Rabbi” or some shit like that.  I’ve even caught him kissing the mezuzah on our door post while making the sign of the cross.  He’s either a little conflicted or covering all of his bases – not sure which.

But, even though I’m Jewish I shouldn’t complain. Al is a good man. He never tells me not to buy MORE crystals or MORE herbs and essential oils or take yet ANOTHER class.  Ha! Probably because he doesn’t know how much I spend.  You see, I have this gimmick going with the checkbook.  In the registry, I simply enter…………oh crap, I can’t share this here! Sorry. Private message me and we’ll talk.

I leave you with this thought:

A necessary condition for spiritual elevation is a continuous quest for a bond with the Creator.

(Rambam, Ilchot Yesodot Torah)

Love and Blessings,











Humans, Star People or Something Else?


Why am I here?  I’ve often asked myself this question when I was getting stoned but I haven’t smoked pot in a very long time.  Now I just ask the question because I want to know why God put me on this Earth to go through all the crap I’ve lived through.

But, speaking of being stoned, did you know that just about all (maybe even all) native cultures smoked or drank some kind of plant medicine for healing or, to transport their consciousness in order to commune with who or what they called God? I don’t know about you but I find this fascinating. People have been getting high since the beginning of time.  People have also been debauched since the beginning of time. And gay. And thieves. And prostitutes.

Just read the history of the world.  Just read the Bible. It’s all there.

It makes me crazy when people say “what is this world coming to?”  I know I was a dirty, drunken slut (actually “whore” sounds more genteel, right? – I hate to offend)  in a past life but that doesn’t mean I didn’t believe in God or deserve His love.

I really need to stop digressing when I write. Sometimes it even annoys me……………..

Some would say we chose to come to Earth. Really? From where?  This just begs another question……….who are we and where are we from?

Okay, we know we’re humans – well we have human bodies anyway.

I don’t particularly feel like a human.  Humans suck – not all humans suck all of the time. But, a good majority of human sucks most of the time.

That’s been my experience. I hope yours has been better.

I have always felt like I was from “somewhere else.”  Ever since I can remember, I never felt like I belonged here. There is nothing worse than feeling out of place – especially when you’re a kid.  I covered up those feelings with a wise ass attitude but deep inside I was really hurting.  I was longing for something but I didn’t know what that something was.

I would look up at the stars and wonder what was really out there.  I was fascinated by the idea of other inhabited planets and galaxies.  My favorite show all those years ago was “Lost in Space.” It seemed perfectly normal to me to have a robot for a friend. ( but I did think that Dr. Smith was a traitorous pansy ass)

This much I know.  We all come from God or Source. We are all born of Earthly bodies. We all have a soul although our birthplace varies.  Some of us were born in other worlds or realms. Some were born on another planet or star. We were chosen to be sent to Earth or made the choice to come here to help raise the vibration of the planet.  Our purpose is to assist in illuminating other souls and to help them understand the meaning of life which, most of us are still trying to figure out.

Are you still with me or did you get the x out of here?  Okay. Good. I’m glad you stayed.

If you can accept this you must be able to accept the idea of past lives, reincarnation and ancient civilizations. How could only one planet in the whole Universe (now called Multiverse) be gifted with life?  Are we so full of our own egos that we can’t see that?  Do we not dare think so openly because of a particular religious affiliation?  If you are Jewish this doesn’t change the Old Testament stories. Nor does it change the Jesus story of the New Testament.  God is not limited or defined to Earth alone. God is God of a vast and unlimited Multiverse.  Let that penetrate for a moment or two.

Mainstream media usually depicts “extra terrestrials” (I hate that term so I am going to use the term “star people”) as being frightening and ugly. We are taught to fear that which we don’t understand. (Just wait until those UFO government files are declassified people!!!)  How else can we see these beings except as scary and manipulative if, as humans, we can’t even accept ourselves as being equal to one another?

Throughout ancient history, there are many, many examples of how the star people integrated with societies throughout the world. The biggest example that comes to mind is ancient Egypt.  Have you seen some of those hieroglyphs? Take a good look at the ones with the wings in the picture here.  You will never convince me that they are birds. The Egyptians knew how to draw birds. These, my friends, are not birds.  They are “ancient astronaut vehicles.”



Don’t go yet! 

I promise I took my medicine.

Just open your mind to the idea that throughout history our societies were influenced by other worldly beings.

The pyramids of Giza are positioned in a way that is more than coincidental. Three pyramids perfectly match with the stars in Orion’s belt. Even the size of the pyramids are related to the brightness of the stars. Two pyramids are identical with the third being half as high as them just as two of the stars are equally bright with the third half as bright. The pyramids are even positioned in an almost perfect line with the North Magnetic Pole.

Coincidence? Nah. This positioning of the pyramids would have required massive knowledge in science, geometry, and astronomy at the very least. How did an ancient civilization acquire such knowledge?

Ancient Egypt is only one example. Look at the ancient technology of the Mayans, the Aztecs and the Incas.

It still remains a mystery as to how Machu Picchu was built. The stones in these amazing buildings were not sealed with mortar.  The stones were cut so precisely, and wedged so closely together, that a credit card cannot be inserted between them.  Where did this technology come from? Peru is a seismically unstable country. What I find particularly fascinating is that Machu Picchu was constructed on top of two fault lines. When an earthquake occurs, the stones in the buildings are said to “dance;” that is, they bounce through the tremors and then fall back into place. Without this building method, many of the best known buildings at Machu Picchu would have collapsed long ago. Fascinating, right? How long did it take our modern architects to come up with this engineering?

Stories of intelligent beings visiting our planet from the cosmos date back to the beginning of time, and span throughout many different native cultures at various points in human history. Antiquity is filled with stories of beings, materials and flying objects that, according to modern day thinking, should not have existed. Maybe these people were just stoned. Or maybe they saw these things because they were stoned and their unconscious minds were open to receive.

This Multiverse is full of beautiful and magical mysteries. Open your eyes. Open your hearts to the possibilities.  Let go of what you’ve been taught and embrace what you feel. The possibilities are endless.  I believe we already know these mysteries but have “forgotten” them as we’ve transcended lifetimes.

This brings me to the 10 extra DNA strands we have in our body that medical science calls “junk DNA”.  No way. Our creator is way too intelligent to have left unconnected pieces inside of us.  At some point in the evolution of man, these strands served a purpose. We just don’t remember what it is. But, we are starting to remember.  We are starting to evolve as spiritual beings.

Recent information has come to light which reveals that the higher purpose of this so-called “junk DNA,” is to support a “multidimensional consciousness.”  This “consciousness” is actually our natural state of being. Realigning and reconnecting with our creator is how we can attain that state and even reconnect those DNA strands. When we are multidimensional, our physic abilities are reawakened and we develop an ability to connect on the etheric level. This is where we can live in multiple dimensions at once. We can hear, see and communicate with others in these dimensions.

Think I”m nuts yet? Ask Al.  When I come home he doesn’t ask how I am today, he asks who I am today. Sometimes I will ring the Tibetan bell outside of my door to clear the energy before I enter.  Other times, I will touch the mezuzah on my door post and kiss my fingers.

For those not born into one of the twelve tribes of Israel, the mezuzah, which is placed on doorways in Jewish homes, holds a piece of parchment containing two selections of verses (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Deuteronomy 11:13-21. This is the Shema prayer which expresses the unity of God. The verses start with “Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One,” and continue with the commandment to love God with all of your heart. The parchment is placed in a small encasement and affixed on doorposts of the home. The tradition in many Jewish homes is to place one’s hand on the mezuzah when passing by. Some kiss the hand that touched it.

Sometimes I just say thank you God or thank you Jesus or Mother Gaia (Mother Earth) for providing the things I need. Sometimes I thank Lord Ganesha for clearing obstacles from my path. Sometimes I thank Quan Yin for the beautiful love she brings to my heart. All of those and so much more are magnificent. Can you give me a good reason why I shouldn’t experience all of it?

The point for me is that I am all religions and all religions are in me. I am the Universe/Multiverse and the Universe/Multiverse is in me.  There are many paths to God and God has many names. For myself, I have shed the idea of defining myself to a particular religion or belief system.  I actually love learning about all paths to God; all paths to the Light. Each story is beautiful and amazing in it’s own way.  It doesn’t matter to me if I get to God by the stairs, the escalator or the elevator. I am only interested in getting there so why not experience all of the amazing ways to know and understand God?  Of those various paths, take what resonates with you and let the rest of what you don’t need or want, go. Just let it go.

We were taught that religious groups had to behave in certain ways or do certain things or you couldn’t belong to their affiliation. Says who?  Really, tell me.  Says who?  Is God actually the CEO sitting behind some great big Christian, Jewish or Hindu desk somewhere? How do we know one story is true and another is not? That one way is the path to salvation and the other is the path to some kind of hell? Did God actually cite all of the individual “laws” or “rules” that each religion has?  Tell me. Show me.

Many say that the Bible is God’s Word. Perhaps it is but it is also full of contradictions.  God didn’t actually write the Bible, print it out and send it to each individual in the world by UPS. (I have nothing against Fed Ex , btw)  It was humans professing to hear the Word of God who actually wrote the Bible. How do we know they heard God correctly?  How do we know that they correctly interpreted what God was saying to them?

Did you ever think that maybe Adam and Eve looked like apes, thereby giving us the story of creation in both the biblical and scientific sense?  Perhaps they were ape like. Perhaps God gave them fur because they didn’t have clothes. Can science and religion both be right?

Did you ever wonder why in the Old Testament God was portrayed as a “vengeful and jealous God” and then one day he just changed His mind? Just like that He went from extreme vengeance by  proclaiming “an eye for an eye” to espousing “love the neighbor”?  If that resonates with you that’s okay but it doesn’t resonate with me. I believe there is much, much more to the story. I believe there are things that we will never understand as long as we walk on this Earth. I also believe that star people are somehow involved in the whole mystery. Call me crazy. It wouldn’t be the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. 🙂

In my opinion, we can’t rely on another person’s experience of religion or beliefs. We have to find out for ourselves.  Why don’t we let ourselves experience this freely?   The reason? Fear.  Fear is what keeps us tied to a certain belief system. Fear that if we don’t follow what we were taught then something bad will happen to us and we will not be in communion with God. Well, guess what people…….God is inside each and every one of us and if you look for the light you will find it.  The light will illuminate your path as you walk it and you will begin to understand your own personal truth. You will come to know how you were evolved. where you came from and possibly, if you listen closely enough, where you’re going.
















Mantras: Bring Balance and Joy into your Life

Thanks to my  husband, Al, I now have a wonderful sacred space where I can practice my mantras and lose myself in blissful meditation.  (Read my last blog if you want to know how this sacred space came about.)

The meditation “closet” is equipped with an ancient “radio/CD” player that Al installed so I could enjoy music with my meditation practice.  Yes, really – an actual AM/FM Radio/CD player that’s at least 15 years old.  It really comes as no surprise. Al won’t give up his flip phone and texts at a pace of 10 letters per minute. I really should be grateful that he uses the flip phone. If he had his way he would be carrying one of those cell phone suitcase things from 1990. He saw one at a flea market and wanted to buy it because it was $2.00. If I try to explain streaming or downloading music to him a glaze comes over his eyes.  He’s totally not interested. He’d be happy with a Victrola.

Oh and while we’re on the topic of cell phones, let me offer a piece of advice. If you are the self-conscious type and you find yourself at the mall with Al, encourage him to leave his phone in the car. He talks into that cell with a voice that can break the sound barrier. I’ve watched friends and family members scatter in embarrassment when he’s having a conversation on his phone.  His voice easily reverberates from Macy’s all the way down the the mall corridor, through the food court and around the corner to Nordstrom. It doesn’t bother me anymore, however. I just walk in front of him and pretend I don’t know him. It’s not like he will ever get lost with that cacophony coming from his mouth.

So back on topic –  I just read a new book that’s helped me with my meditation practice as well as my ongoing practice of The Law of Attraction.  The book is called Easy Breezy Prosperity and is written by Emmanuel Dagher. I highly recommend it. Here’s the link to Amazon where I purchased it. http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Breezy-Prosperity-Foundations-Abundant/dp/1623366216/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1453218693&sr=8-1&keywords=easy+breezy+prosperity

And……….here is my Amazon Review of “Easy Breezy Prosperity”

I have been reading/listening to Emmanuel Dagher for over a year now. His insight is simplistic but amazingly brilliant. This man really resonates with me. You can feel the love emanating from him as his words jump from the book directly into your heart. The book is an easy “how to” manual to bring prosperity of all kind into your life. The exercises are easy and enriching – a fabulous tool for self-learning. My favorite thing about the book are the mantras for prosperity that Emmanuel introduced. I did some research to clarify some questions I had and I learned even more about mantras. Mantras have added a whole new and amazing dimension to my meditation practice. Thank you, Emmanuel, for your book but most importantly, thank you for dedicating your beautiful spirit to the uplifting of all humanity.

So what is a mantra and how are you supposed to use it? 

A mantra is powerful sound vibration of the mind that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation.  When used carefully, mantras are said to be able to alter your subconscious impulses.  When spoken or chanted they can direct the healing power of Prana (life force energy) to bring about healing as well as a more peaceful and balanced lifestyle.

You don’t have to be a Buddhist or a Hindu to practice mantras and you can chant in whatever language rings your bells.  Many people choose to use Sanskrit mantras. (Sanskrit is the primary ancient sacred language of Hindu) The main reason Sanskrit is used is because these sacred words have been spoken over and over again for thousands of years and contain a very powerful and positive universal vibrational energy.

om-symbol-d76076039A common Sanskrit mantra is Om or Aum.  In fact, the Om symbol is considered a mantra in its own right.  We’ve all heard this word called “Om”. But, what is it and what does it mean? If you chant it does it somehow magically transform you into a Buddhist? ( I don’t think so but stranger things have happened so don’t quote me on this one)

Om is an ancient Sanskrit “word” that was first felt by Rishis (Hindu poets, seers and sages – just like me but definitely not Jewish {grins}) as they meditated. It was more about the essence of Om rather than the chanting of it. Eventually as the experience was shared, the actual word came forth and people started chanting it to receive the experience of it. So, exactly what is the experience of Om?

Om is a vibration so it is difficult to describe with words. Om represents everything. Om is said to be the seed of all of creation.  This seemingly tiny word contains all the power of the Universe. It is the beginning, middle and the end. It’s the past, present and future. Chanting Om brings into your awareness the subtle impressions of the mind and emotions and the thoughts and beliefs of your life and this world.  When written this way, (AUM) it appears as if the sound has three parts.

The A (aahh) sound represents the creation aspect of the Universe and all of the objects within it. Aahhh is the beginning of all sounds. It connects us to our sense of self. With this syllable  you experience the existence of the world  through the activity of the senses. It starts in the back of the throat and reaches down to the lower abdomen. It brings unity and truth to your existence.

The U (oooh) sound signifies maintaining the energy of the Universe. It connects us to an inner sense of something greater than what we feel with our senses. Oooh lets in light, clarity and balance. This sound vibrates in the solar plexus and denotes illumination of knowing and pure wisdom.

The M (mmmm) sound characterizes the transforming energy of the Universe and the thoughts and beliefs of your being. This sound unites you to the awareness of wholeness with all that is.  The sound vibrates in the crown of the head. It symbolizes being blissful; at one and peaceful with all things.

The experience of Om is multifaceted.  Om is called the seed of sound, the original sound from which all other sounds and words come from. Om is said to represent God, Bhraman, Source and Universal Consciousness – it has the power to create everything.
When chanting Om aloud, the sound will naturally evolve through the three phases corresponding to the three letters A-U-M.  You can liken the experience of Om as a sense of completeness and pure consciousness. The three syllables are not distinct or separate phases, but a continuous motion of the body, breath and awareness.

The true power of Om, however, really does lie in the experience of it. Reading this can help the mind understand but it can’t help you to feel the vibration. Chant Om by yourself or, for a more powerful experience, chant it with a group. I also sit down in the lotus position and start to chant Om whenever Al is invading my space and I want him out.  Works every time.

Allow the experience of Om to be absorbed into your being. Allow the vibrations to clear and cleanse your energy system and your chakras.

Om is an amazing tool that people of all faiths can utilize to bring focus and awareness to the greater meaning of life. You can find wholeness and healing in this mantra.

51q+iJ40DvL._UY395_When I’m not wearing my diamond tiara, (my grandmother always told me that less is more) I wear the OM symbol on a chain around my neck  to remind me each day of all that I am

For those of you who have asked, I will answer the burning question from my last blog post. Yes, Al is now meditating. So he says. I  haven’t really seen him do it so I can’t be absolutely certain. We did, however, have an interesting conversation that I’d like to share with you.

Al:     Does Wal-Mart sell incense?

Me:   What kind of incense?

Al:    Frankincense and Myrrh.

Me:  Sure, in their New Age section right next to “housewares.” Everyone knows that.

Al:   Really?

Me:  No.

Al:   Seriously, is there a place to buy incense around here or do I have to get it from Amazon?

Me: Well instead of stinking up the whole closet with incense and making my clothes and shoes smell like I’m smoking weed or something, we can just get some little candles in those scents. You can light those when you meditate.

Al:  No, I want the smoke from the incense. The frankincense will elevate me spiritually while the myrrh will bring the astral realms closer and bring my manifestations to fruition.

My head almost twisted off looking at him. Who is this freak of a husband of mine? First he learns how to use a computer. Then he starts shopping on Amazon. Now he’s burning incense and meditating? For years, people have been calling him “Jeremiah Johnson.”  You know the type of man I mean, right? Am I somehow responsible for breaking Al’s spirit?  I swear if he  asks for a smart phone for Christmas I’m going to call in a Shaman.




Just so you know, I have no affiliation with Emmanual Dagher or Easy Breezy Prosperity. I just happen to really like Emmanual and his book.

Oh and wait……..I’m getting a message from my dead lawyer. He says I should put a disclaimer in this post about NOT burning incense or candles in the closet.  Please don’t be offended. He means well. Lawyers just think everyone is stupid..


Facebook Lies and Ego: Your Life Doesn’t Really Suck


“Glimpse of Heaven” Painted By: Linda Masson

I think every writer has a day (or maybe even several thousand days) in their career where the blank page glares back at them like a flashing neon sign. I’m having one of those days right now. My thoughts just won’t connect to my keyboard. Facebook is calling me – I have to play Candy Crush.  The words just aren’t flowing. (Delete, delete, delete) Microsoft Word is mocking me. “What’s the matter with you, Dana; are your words dried up already? You just got started blogging.  Slacker! Have another cookie or three (or seven) and forget about this writing thing.  

Is Microsoft Word really mocking me or, is it my own fear and ego violently debating my inner guidance? Should I, or should I not, really say what’s on my mind?

I don’t normally “worry” about how other people are going to feel or think about me in my endeavor to express my opinions but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it. We all have our own perception of reality though. I can’t be responsible for another person’s perception of my writing or my beliefs. I can’t let crap like that in my own head influence what I write or what I don’t write. The only thing I have to be responsible for is my intention. If my intention serves my highest good or another person’s highest good, then it’s too bad what other people think. I might be a lady of the light (I said light, not night) but I’m not going to let my ego or fear keep me from expressing myself.   Now get busy and write! It’s what you do so just do it. 

When I was a kid I had none of these types of inhibitions. I said what was on my mind, usually got a slap and life went on until the next time I opened my opinionated mouth to my parents.  I’ve taken very serious steps in my spiritual journey since then. I’ve become more aware of the power of thoughts and words; my own as well as those of others. Sometimes I just want to say things that I am consciously aware are going to draw me into negativity. I do this because I don’t want someone else to “get the best of me.” This is pure EGO at work.  As James Van Praagh would say……ego equals “edging God out.” I work so hard to overcome my ego but I’m not always successful. There are those days where I feel like I’ve “lost a turn” and have gone “back three steps” in the game of spiritual pursuits. I want to be a better person. I strive to be a better person. My ego doesn’t always let me be a better person.  Back to the starting position I go.

I think that life on Earth is our “learning curve.” When we are ready to move on to a higher plane of existence, we will have learned enough not to have an ego. I think I must have lived many past lives here on Earth. I still haven’t learned how to completely keep my unsolicited thoughts to myself, which is why I keep coming back to this planet.  I should have by now, at the very least, learned when not to open THE    BIG    JEWISH    MOUTH. And so the cycle continues until I fully allow mind to meld with spirit in every thought word and deed. Yeh, that’s gonna happen. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of those monk robes.

Absent-mindedly munching on kale chips (if one is good  – more is better – the whole bag is a laxative), I was sprawled in my favorite chair in the family room. I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and watching my bird friends devour the sunflower seeds from the feeder. I was still struggling over what to blog about this week while simultaneously yelling at Microsoft Word to get out of my head. (no, I’m not getting a kickback from them) Oh wait, the birds remind me of something funny.

Years ago, I was living in the frozen tundra in rural bible belt Pennsylvania.  I was driving to my house with my daughter and a friend of hers.  I think they were about 12  or 13 at the time. I remarked that when I got home that I had to feed my bird friends.  I heard a gasp from the back seat and glanced in the rear view mirror.  My daughter’s friend was visibly upset.

Me:     Amanda, what’s wrong?

Amanda:   Um, do  you think you can take me home?

Me:     Why, are you sick?

Amanda:     No.

Me:     Well, what’s wrong? I thought you were going to sleep over tonight.

Amanda:     Well, I’m a Christian.

Me:     Yeh, so?  I’m a Jewish Democrat. (not something you really want to advertise in the bible belt) What’s the problem?

Amanda:     Well, my mom wouldn’t want me to hang out here with you and your boyfriends.  Hey, are you really Jewish? (she was totally looking for the horns)

Me:     Boyfriends? What boyfriends? Amanda, what are talking about?

Amanda:     Well you said you had to feed your boyfriends when you got home.

Me:     (having an ah hah moment and bursting out laughing)  Not boyfriends silly girl, bird friends! I have to feed my bird friends. (I was having visions  of wearing a gigantic SCARLETT LETTER on my camo jacket and my name being blasted on every household scanner in the mountains – “hoe on the hill” – echo……….echo……….echo………)

Amanda: (obviously relieved and laughing now) Oh, I can stay now. What’s for dinner? I’m starving.

Me:  Sunflower seeds.

Amanda:   Can I call my mom?

So, I’m still sitting here scrolling through my Facebook news feed while trying to figure out what I’m going to write about this week. It occurs to me that Facebook can be depressingly phony at times.  I feel that social media is full of ego and has so much to do with why many people feel inadequate these days.  The “she has what I want and I don’t have it and feel jealous so she’s a bitch” syndrome is everywhere.  This is pure ego. Although Facebook certainly has many good qualities and many wonderful people, it can also be a cesspool of pretense.  Aside from the garden variety “please pray for my aunt’s uncle’s cousin’s mother’s step-son” and all of those disgustingly not good for you pictures of fatty and GMO filled dessert recipes, people only want others to see all of the “good things” that are happening in their lives. They can’t wait to post a status or a photo of a fabulous vacation, some perfectly plated food at a chi-chi restaurant or, some new bauble on a finger they are trying not to obviously shove in your face in a picture.

That ring she’s wearing can signal a ship in the harbor at night. Her husband must be doing so well.  Nah, her ring is some schlock cubic zirconia from a shopping channel. Her husband is a stingy momzer.)  She looks like a new Cadillac but her jewelry is from China.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Even more so, don’t let what you think another person has and you don’t have, become a source for your own unhappiness. The people in those pictures are just like you and I.  They fart and they belch. They take Viagra and Prozac. Sometimes their kids hate them, they all have bad hair days and sometimes they walk around with their button undone on their pants because they gorged on trashcan cookies (here’s a link to the recipe). YUM! http://vanessabaked.com/?s=trash+can+cookies&submit=Search

So, where, I ask you, are the normal “life is real – everyone has their own crap to deal with everyday” – Facebook posts? How about “Good morning Facebook friends! I just caught my wife doing the Maytag man.  I had no idea the dryer was even broken” or,  “The police just released this mug shot of my son.  I told him not to wear that trashy bra with the white blouse. Oy.” (this would be a double whammy for a Jewish mother)  How about this status – photo of a woman with her perfectly set table and beautifully prepared meal, “I made this for our 25th anniversary dinner right before I caught my husband, the rat bastard, having cyber sex with three bimbos. Now he’s busy trying to extinguish the computer I set on fire.”

The point is that not every picture and status tells the REAL story.  Do you see where I’m going here? The fact that there is a “real story” behind every picture is the essence of what I want to express.  People allow others to see what they want them to see. We all have human egos that often times refuse to allow the negative things that affect our lives to show through. (Except for the Facebook Drama Queens and Kings – shout out to them for being real!) “Imma whoop yo bitch hoe ass. Yo back door man be MY life hostage!” Translation: I’m going to kick your sorry butt because the guy you’re cheating with is my husband!

Why don’t our lives look like the people in the pretty picture?  Our jealousies and insecurities over things or situations we think others have that are better than our own situation can make us feel jealous and ungrateful. Without gratitude we have nothing.  Our lives are a vicious cycle of acquiring one material thing after another, each time trying to get more things or do better than we’ve done in the past.  It’s okay to strive for the things we want and we should have them.  What we shouldn’t do, is forget to the live in the moment. Life is now, not after you get that new chachki or job or vacation or whatever. There will always be something else you desire; something that you think will make you happier. Your desire for some thing will never go away.  Chasing that desire as the cure for your happiness is what really makes you unhappy.

Expressing gratitude and appreciation for the things you already have in your life is the fastest way to bring more and more joyful experiences to yourself.  By doing this you create a vibration of abundance around yourself rather than a vibration of lack. If you are concentrating on gratitude then you will begin to find that negative things begin to dissipate as you only allow your thoughts to be those of appreciation and well-being.  This is a practice we must learn to do each day.  Gratitude is something you must constantly choose.

There are more things in life to be thankful for beside material things although those physical manifestations of your desires probably come to your mind first. Try to delve a bit deeper and learn to appreciate the things which are beyond the physical. Look within and appreciate all of the amazing traits you have and all that you are.  Be grateful that as a “spiritual being having a human experience” you have been given the power to create life as you desire it to be.  The power of your mind is unlimited. The only thing that limits you are your own limiting beliefs. Wow! I’m so profound I scare myself sometimes. – haha.

Creeping on other people’s Facebook pages and calling them bitches because they’re driving a new Mercedes isn’t the way to attract the things you want into your own life.  “How did she get that rich guy to marry her? She’s not even a nice person and her upper lip needs to be waxed.” How is this fair? Any woman walking around with a mustache shouldn’t be driving a Mercedes. She must be able to suck golf balls through a straw or something. Yes, that’s it.  (Oh please…….spare me that “I’m offended” crap.  I’m just saying what everyone is thinking!!!!!)

I think we all need to be more like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. It’s the grass is always greener story.  You think you would be happy if you were inside those pictures you see on Facebook, right? Not necessarily. Those smiling people have the same problems you and I have. They’re human just like us. Having money or material things doesn’t necessarily make them happier people (although I’m guessing it’s better to cry in a Mercedes than in a Suzuki). Some of those material things and pictures we see on social media are all an illusion. We’re all equal in this world. Money does not make one better or happier than another.  We all have many of the same struggles and eventually we’re all going to end up in the same place in the ground.  So why not live for today and be grateful for what is in front of us right now? Crying about what we don’t have isn’t going to bring us any closer to getting it. In fact, it will keep us further away from our desires. Things can’t be changed in life if you attack them from a place of misery. Universal Law of Attraction – that which is like unto itself will be drawn. Be and think positive and you will get positive. Be and think negative and you will get negative. Works every time.

Not only will thinking negative thoughts make you feel bad but crazy conversations with your ego will begin to manifest in your head. Happens to me all the time as my followers well know. 🙂




I’ve met some wonderful people on Facebook who have become trusted and loving friends. When it’s good, it’s great. When it’s bad, it can make you feel like your life sucks. It doesn’t.

Please check out my friend Linda’s site. http://www.bestpsychicdirectory.com/canada/LindaMasson-l.html

She’s a wonderful artist as well as an amazing intuitive.

 I also thought you would enjoy these breathtaking Fall sunset pictures over Edinboro Lake in Pennsylvania. They were taken by my very talented sister, Holly.

IMGP2732a IMGP2729a IMGP2726a IMGP2723a IMGP2715a IMGP2700a




Crystal Healing and Divorce

Crystal Sunset by Kathryn Strick


I discovered crystal healing right before I filed for divorce from my first husband. Actually, I discovered a lot of things when I was going through a divorce not the least of which was that my husband was a frequent flyer at strip clubs while I was slaving at home taking care of three children (two of which were his from his first marriage). Such a shikker (drunk) he was.  The wine and beer he drank wasn’t even good.  His fondness was for a cheap beer manufactured in Pittsburgh whose name I won’t mention. It actually had “iron” (hint-hint) sediment at the bottom that you could see if you poured it into a glass (which he never did). Can you believe he also drank wine from bottles with screw-on caps? I mean I know he wasn’t Jewish but come on! The only screw-on cap wine that I ever saw anyone in my family drink was Manischewitz. Drinking that good old grape wine was a holiday tradition and the holiday was the ONLY reason we drank the stuff. Do you know how many times I heard my grandmother’s voice saying, “you should have married the butcher!” Oy. She was so right. I’ve since become a vegetarian so I know marriage to the butcher wouldn’t have worked but, at least, like all of the other Jewish Princesses in my neighborhood, I would have been sunbathing at a rental house “down the shore” every year in the summer.

I can’t even say I married for love. I didn’t. I married because I was only 23, stupid and in love with a man who didn’t feel the same way about me. I’ll show him. I’ll marry this other guy. Yep, showed him alright. When I began to fantasize about killing my husband and playing out various scenarios in my head as to how to get rid of his body, I decided it was time for a divorce. Ya think?

Me, my daughter and the EX. Can you relate? 🙂

Needless to say my life was in a turmoil and I was looking for alternative ways of dealing with the stress. I had internet back then but it wasn’t quite as extensive as it is now. I went to the library and found the self-help section. As I was reaching for the shelf, a book on crystals came flying down from the top, hit me in the head and fell into my hands. Hey angels – nice aim – try not to give me a black eye next time. I sat down on the floor to read it and I was hooked. The crystals just mesmerized me. Their beauty was calling to me from the pages. I wanted to hold them and touch them.  I wanted to revel in the love and the healing that I could feel jumping off of the pages and into my soul.

I located a metaphysical shop on South Street in downtown Philadelphia. I haven’t been to South Street in a long time but way back when, the area basically consisted of your variety garden weirdo shops – new age, punk rock, adult toys which were more like “contraptions” than toys.  You name it – South Street had it. Me and my eighties hair and my signature gold chains felt completely out-of-place as I walked into that metaphysical store.

Browsing patrons were dripping in multi-colored crystal necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They were wearing sandals with fringe.  No fashion sense whatsoever. I was horrified at their choice of footwear though I now realize these people would be the height of fashion in 2015.  Perhaps they looked into their crystal balls and “saw” the trend coming. Yeh, that’s got to be it!

The air in the store was redolent with a very musky kind of take your breath away incense that I later identified as mugwort (used for psychic protection). The lady behind the counter was wearing a solid black dress with a black shawl embroidered with moons and stars. The fringe from the shawl hung down past her knees. Her hair was as stark black as were her long fingernails. Her fingers themselves were adorned with silver rings; some plain, some with beautiful inlaid crystals on them. She was standing in front of a sign that said “Beware the Psychic Vampire – Protect Yourself” huh? I wanted to ask her where her cauldron was but I decided to be polite. I curbed my glib tongue and asked if she could recommend some books for beginners on crystals and crystal healing. She nodded and smiled and joyfully introduced herself to me.  Her name was “Raven.” Shocking.

Raven was wonderful. Her knowledge of crystals was extensive and she was willing to share that knowledge with me. My earlier  judgement of her was flying out the window. I think I spent hours in her store that day. In those few hours she taught me so much about crystal healing……………

Not unlike reiki, crystal healing or crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive ancient form of alternative healing that works holistically to treat patients through the placement of crystals on the body. Crystals can harmonize the mind, body and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and help us to become happier beings.

We all have an invisible emanation of energy that surrounds us called an aura. Auras can be very colorful. The colors can vary depending on our emotional and physical state of being. The auras relate to our emotional, mental and spiritual composition and each color relates to various personality aspects. If we are healthy, the energy flowing through our bodies is clear and balanced. If something in our lives happens to unbalance this energy – such as a physical or mental ailment/issue, this can result in a blockage in our energy flow. Such a blockage could ultimately manifest as a physical illness. Note – if your aura is black you should immediately call a healer or an undertaker.

Unlike Western medicine (which tends to focus on treating one symptom/ailment at a time), crystal therapy addresses the patient as a whole by paying as much attention to his or her spiritual and emotional well-being as to the patient’s physical health.

Crystal healing is a non-invasive, relaxing, natural and very enjoyable experience except if  you’re my husband, Al. Whether you believe in the physical healing properties of crystals or not, (he doesn’t) the therapy itself will offer you a chance to relax and get in touch with your body’s energies. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. A happy mind and spirit are a necessity for improved physical health. Again, except if you’re Al. If you’re married to Al, this is what happens:

I will never forget the first time Al met my friend Mary, Divine Healing with Mary. Mary and I were going to have a Skype session. She was going to teach me her as above – so below healing technique. I asked Al if he would be my patient in order for Mary to instruct me.  His face turned white. Watching him glance at the feathers, crystals and candles on the dresser, along with the cardboard human anatomy outline I had laying on the bed, I can just imagine (hehe) what was going through his mind. He saw me laughing at him so he put his bravado on and agreed. I had him lay on the bed next to the anatomy outline. The fact that I didn’t ask him to lay ON IT seemed to relax him just a bit. I introduced him to Mary via the Ipad.  He was still nervous because he was making some ridiculously stupid and pathetic jokes.  I asked him to be quiet. (in wife talk it’s called “shut up”). I began the healing by calling in the angels for protection and assistance. I then began to smudge him with sage.  The coughing, gagging and sputtering that ensued was really quite dramatic. I ignored it and began to lay the crystals on his chakras beginning with his root chakra.

Al:  Hey! (obviously embarrassed because I was touching his private area) What are you doing? We’re on that internet thing!

Me: (laughing) I’m placing a red jasper on your root chakra.

Al:  My root, what?

Me: Root chakra. Now lay still.

Al: You’re going to do this while we’re on camera in front of your friend? Do I have to take my pants off? (He was appalled. I could hear the panic in his voice)

Me: (hysterically laughing while listening to Mary laugh and simultaneously protest) No, Al. Not your ROOT (I explained patiently). Your root CHAKRA. Now honey, please lay still before I shove this crystal up your ass! (Remembering I am a healer, I said this in the most loving tone I could muster)

The session continued without incident.

 Crystal healing is based on the premise that crystals can, through the vibrations they emit, communicate with the energies flowing around the human body. Crystals come from nature and are created from minerals deep inside the earth. Each crystal has a unique healing property derived from the minerals it is composed from. Crystals are capable of amplifying, directing, absorbing and transmitting energy at varying levels.

“On a microscopic level, a crystal is a network of repeating geometric patterns made up of compressed ions, atoms and molecules.”

Each crystal has its own unique electromagnetic charge which causes it to resonate at a certain frequency. These charges, or ‘healing vibrations’ interact with the body’s energy centers (chakras) to remove ‘blockages’ and restore a healthy flow through the body and mind.

Each type of stone has its own distinctive property. The colors, shapes, and textures of crystals all have a special meaning.  Some crystals are also used for divination and meditation purposes while others are used to make elixirs. Stones that are associated with the seven chakras (energy centers of the body)  are used most of the time and placed on the corresponding color chakra on the body. A variety of crystals can be used during a healing session on and around the patient.  Crystals should be selected based on the specific qualities and properties of each one that would be most beneficial to the patient’s situation.  Sometimes during a session, individuals may experience some slight tingling. Sometimes existing issues may slightly intensify before being released. This is thought to be caused by the shifting energies within the body and will pass.

You can intuitively choose which crystals to use by noticing which stones you are attracted to. Keep your heart open and allow the appropriate crystal to find its way to you.

Crystals can be purchased but they can never be really be owned. If you lose or misplace a crystal this probably means that it has found a new home where its metaphysical properties can be better utilized.  There are times when I get a strong urge to pass on a stone that I love into the hands of someone else. Crystals are very good at sending us intuitive messages whenever they want to be given away, and also to whom they want to be given.

Pictured from left to right: wand made from feathers of a turkey vulture, crow and peacock, crystal selenite wand, red jasper, garnet, rainbow moonstone, yellow calcite, turquoise, apophyllite, rose quartz, orange clear quartz, carnelian; pink kunzite, emerald,
Pictured from left to right courtesy of Mary, Divine Healing with Mary for her As Above-So Below Healing: wand made from turkey vulture, crow and peacock feathers, selenite wand, red jasper, garnet, rainbow moonstone, yellow calcite, turquoise, apophyllite, rose quartz, orange clear quartz, carnelian; pink kunzite and emerald.

Certain crystals carry very powerful energies which can be overwhelming if worn or carried daily. These types of crystals often tend to get lost or misplaced as it isn’t beneficial for us to be stimulated by vibrational energies that are too powerful for us to handle at certain times in our lives. Searching for the lost crystals doesn’t usually work.  These stones will resurface if and when their services are needed.  Don’t feel sad if you have lost or misplaced a crystal.  Know that it is hiding until you need it or, it has moved on to a another person or place where it’s energies can be best utilized. Always allow crystals to come and go. They do their work best without restrictions.

 I love my crystals and cleanse them regularly in sage and clear running water (note – some crystals don’t like water).  I put them in the sunlight or the full moon for recharging.  My grandchildren love when I do this. They love to hold the crystals and help me clean them. They love to hold them up to the sun or moon and watch them sparkle. Crystals are magical, especially for children. Many times I take the children outside on a “crystal hunt”. I put some stones around the house and along the road and we go looking for them. Next to hugging trees and looking for fairies, (bet you can’t guess who taught them that!) I think crystal hunting is their favorite thing to do!

My daughter still thinks I’m a crackpot which is why I never let her or my husband touch my crystals with their negative vibes. If they do touch them, I go running for the sage and the whole “you’re crazy” conversation starts all over again. Whatever. I try to tell my daughter that if I didn’t find crystal therapy I ‘d probably be in jail for murdering her sperm donor.  She just laughs and says “well, at least you wouldn’t be able to call me on the phone ten times a day!” Shut up or I’ll give you a zetz! Oy, you would think by now I would get a bissel nachas from this kid!





I recently looked up my ex-husband. I was surprised that he was still around and his wife hadn’t offed him. I decided to send her a present.  Anonymously, I mailed her a  beautifully wrapped package. Inside was a large, black tourmaline crystal that I personally programmed with love and the intention to cleanse negative energy from her home.  The enclosed note let her know that the crystal would help transmute any negative energy around her to a positive, loving energy. I knew there was plenty of that negative crap living in her house. After all, she was married to a drunken bum, for more than 20 years.  I met her once. (suffice it to say it was awkward – I will spare you the details) She seemed nice enough but I always felt guilty because that “meeting” would have been the perfect opportunity for me to tell girlfriend that her lover peed the bed when he was drunk.

Yup, satisfied my karmic debt and gave a healing in one fell swoop. Sometimes I really rock! 🙂


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Reiki is Energy Healing – NOT Voodoo!

The word reiki is composed of two Japanese words – Rei and Ki. Put simply, “Rei” can be defined as the wisdom of the Higher Intelligence of the Universe, while “Ki” is the non-physical energy that emanates from all living things. Ki is the energy flow in plants, animals and humans. My personal definition of reiki is “higher wisdom (God/Source/All That Is) intelligence energy that lovingly heals.”

An amazingly beautiful depiction of energy by Linda Masson Serenity Garden Art

I’m not a fan of giving long and boring dissertations. Who wants to read crap like that? Not me. I would rather try to provide a more “colorful” view. So, if the following commentary doesn’t give you a complete understanding of Reiki, please just google it or feel free to contact me. 🙂

 I first heard the term “reiki” when I went to see a pain management doctor. We talked about different modalities for healing the RSD with which I had been recently diagnosed.  I really wasn’t into the endless pill popping, pain pumps and physical therapy, (to  me, “physical therapy” is just another term for sucking the insurance companies dry.)  Can you say “bad experience?”  I told the doctor I wanted to try the most natural approach to pain management as possible.  He asked me if I ever heard of reiki. Nope, never have.  He looked over his glasses and down his nose at me. “Reiki is rough stuff,”  he said, in a somber tone, “but I’m told it works very well.” I immediately had visions of some medieval torture like bloodletting with leeches. Why the hell would I want to do that?

When in doubt, I always look up. I have legions of angels that follow me around. They must like me or something. So, I asked them to show me what I needed to do for self-healing.  I have to laugh because in the next two weeks I was literally bombarded with the word “reiki”. I had never heard of reiki before my visit to the doctor. Suddenly, everywhere I turned I was seeing the word like a flashing neon sign.

For example, I was searching for something on Ebay and the next thing I knew I was looking at a list of “reiki infused candles”. Hey, how did that get there? That wasn’t what I searched for. Okay, I’ll be perfectly honest, I was searching for a Tory Burch handbag and those cute little flats she does with the logo, you know?  I really feel I needed the bag and shoes to wear to a livestock auction that I was attending in my “neighborhood” the following week. After all, when I protested carnivores and made it on the 6 o’clock news, I wanted to look totally put together. (yes, I realize these fabulous items are made from leather but that isn’t the point -) My grandmother would kill me if I was out in public, let alone on television, looking like a schlepper, carrying any old shmata.  I can just hear people saying…….(She was a crazy, new age weirdo who laid down in front of the cows but she looked SOOOO chic). Wait, I think I just channeled Joan Rivers. May she rest in peace. LUUVVED HER!

Honestly, and I really am being honest, I have no idea how the “male chastity device cage” listing appeared on the Ebay search page.  Whatever I clicked on was by accident. I promise. But, I have to say I was fascinated looking at that thing and thinking about how it would work on my husband.  Wait, wait………hear me out please – this isn’t going to be weird. I did receive about 2 minutes of sheer joy daydreaming of Al in the emergency room having this “thing” removed from his um, “thing”  (sorry the key got “lost” oopsie)  Okay, well maybe it was more like 5 minutes of joy but that’s all, I swear.

I was seeing stuff on the internet for reiki everywhere; reiki jewelry, reiki candles, reiki “massages” (um that’s a no no). I even saw a sign outside of a physicians office” Reiki Done Here.” Really? Bloodletting in Northwestern Pennsylvania?  On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised after all. Anything can happen in the hills.

It was pretty clear that my angels were sending me a message about reiki. I did a little research, found that there was no pain or leeches involved (goes to show you that medical doctors don’t know everything)   and BOOM – an opportunity to take a Reiki Level 1 class practically came knocking on my door. Universal synchronicity never ever fails to amaze me.

IMG_0512The first level of reiki is very gentle and loving but at the same time, can be life changing.  At this level, students receive reiki and are taught to self-heal.  They receive an “attunement” which aligns them with the reiki energy so that they may channel this energy to themselves, family and friends. Students are highly encouraged to share this healing gift with others at this time of learning. The reiki principles are taught and students are encouraged to live by this beautiful philosophy.  The energy centers in the body, called chakras, are introduced and their significance in the healing process is explained. The students are given energy exercises which they are asked to practice on a daily basis for continuous learning.

Okay so that’s my unofficial-official explanation of Reiki I. Now I will tell you about my experience.  I couldn’t make the group class so my teacher was kind enough to schedule a private 8 hour session with me. I was quite fascinated with everything I learned that day and the time flew by very quickly as I absorbed this new found knowledge……….

We are “alive” because of the life force energy (ki) that flows through us. It flows through our physical bodies via energy centers called chakras and, flows around us in a field of energy called the aura. Life force nourishes our cells and our organs and supports them in their crucial functions. Disruption of this flow of life force can cause diminished function in these areas.

Thoughts become things.” If we allow these negative thoughts and feelings to invade our consciousness, they will attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force.

Reiki heals by flowing through parts of the energy field that have been afflicted with negative thoughts, feelings, disease, etc. and, charges them with positive energy. Reiki raises the vibration of the energy field in the areas where this negative energy is attached, causing it to break up and dissipate. It clears and heals the energetic pathways, which allows the life force to flow in a healthy manner.

 My teacher asked me if I was ready to receive my “attunement”. Um, gulp. I guess so. I didn’t see any instruments of torture nearby or dolls with pins sticking in them so I thought I was good.  I did see a couple of small crystal skulls sitting on a shelf but I told myself that my angels sent me here so it must be okay. What I did feel during the attunement was a very loving, warm and peaceful energy come over me. It was fleeting. It was gone before I could really embrace it.  My teacher then asked me to give a healing to her. (uh oh)

I directed the energy to her the same way she had just taught me.  She began to ooh and ahh and smile and tell me how wonderful she was feeling. I have to tell you that I was starting to get a little freaked out.   Nervously, I took a few steps back from her. I couldn’t help but think of  Shirley MacLaine. (Holy shit, you’re as crazy as she is if you believe this crap) I honestly didn’t know what to think. One thing was very clear to me though;  my teacher was feeling something very real. And, although it had quickly passed, I, too, had also felt that very real something when I received my attunement.

My thoughts were in a jumble when I left my teacher’s home that day but I knew the angels wouldn’t have sent me to her if I wasn’t supposed to learn and grow from this experience. So, I decided I would give the practice of reiki a chance. Technically speaking, I was clear on how and what to practice but I just wasn’t sure I believed this stuff.

I gave it a shot. Nothing happened. No self healing; nothing earth shattering. I couldn’t change a staff into a snake or make it rain frogs. I continued to practice and began to notice  with each practice that my faith grew a little deeper. I relaxed a little more each time and begin to allow the energy to flow through me. I began to realize that this was a process. I was given the tool but I had to learn how to use it in order to define reiki for myself. (I still can’t change a staff into a snake or make it rain frogs but,  I can bring forth the Angel of Death simply by calling Al’s ex-wife on the phone. Lovely woman. May she live long, be well and never be alone in bed – the bedbugs and lice should always keep her company! (Gotta love the fine art of a  Yiddish curse!)  Sorry for the digression. It’s a big problem of mine.

I invited a friend to my house so that I could practice reiki on her. What I learned that day is what really changed my life. In giving healing, I was being healed.  Once again, I felt that calm, peaceful and loving feeling that I had felt that day during my attunement.  I realized that for me, reiki was a journey. It was just another step along the path of my spiritual development.  The more I practiced the reiki, the more I was allowing the energy to flow for my continued spiritual growth and development but most of all, for my self-empowerment.

Having been through three levels of reiki training, I am now considered a “reiki master.” But you know, I’m not the master here. I’m the student. Each and every time I practice reiki on myself or on another, I learn something new; I feel something new.  I recently gave a friend of mine reiki healing. She told me that she felt amazing during the session and when we were finished she said she was “high.” First time I ever heard someone catching a buzz from reiki but hey, it’s legal and you don’t get the munchies. BONUS! I understood exactly what she was saying though. I was feeling the “high” too.

I feel that I can liken receiving reiki to receiving “confirmation” in the Catholic Church.  In the confirmation ceremony, you become sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit but, that doesn’t necessarily mean your ticket to heaven is assured. This gift must be nurtured and cherished and used wisely.  (In my opinion, Catholics believe they own that train to heaven  – that you have to buy your ticket to the celestial gates directly from them. Personally, I think that train derailed a long time ago. ) ( Jeez, will you please stop throwing things at me? I’m allowed to have my opinion and I really do like the Pope! He’s such a mensch!)

At some point, I may further my reiki journey by becoming a master/teacher. I don’t necessarily feel that I want to teach reiki but I know that raising my vibration to that level will help me to travel a deeper and more enlightened spiritual path. More importantly, it will certainly help me serve more of humanity.

Beautiful chakra healing crystals, courtesy of Divine Healing with Mary. Bring peace, harmony and balance to your life with energy and crystal healing.

As reiki heals the mind and spirit as well as the body, it is my belief that we all each need to participate in our own healing by connecting with our I AM presence in order to live a happier and healthier life.

Bring peace to your heart by letting go of anger. Be happy and live in the moment. After all, each moment is really all we ever have. We’re guaranteed nothing more. Don’t worry about things you can’t change. Worrying will only lower your vibration and draw more negative energy to you. It can’t change the situation. Only YOU can change the way you THINK about the situation. Be grateful for what you do have instead of being unhappy about what you don’t have. Work honestly and put your whole heart soul into everything you do each day. You will be amazed at the joy that this self-satisfaction can bring. Be kind and loving to every living being. Where there is LOVE there can be no more.

And, if you’re Jewish, (and even if you’re not) please call your mother everyday.

Much love,


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about reiki, want to learn how to make your children feel guilty or want to learn to curse in Yiddish. 🙂















Energy Clearing and Saging: Mom, What the Hell are you Smoking?


FullSizeRender(9)Some friends recently visited my home.  When they left, I really felt the need to do some serious energy clearing, (also known as space clearing, smudging, or saging) in order to remove some negative energies that were still lingering in the house. I love my friends but the baggage they carry around with them from their previous marriages is enough to stagnate my space for several lifetimes.  Let it go already. It’s been 15 freaking years. Move on.

Anyway, I found myself in my kitchen with my white sage bundle and my turkey feathers (no turkeys were injured in the gathering of these feathers). I called in my angels and guides, lit the sage, waited for it to really catch and then gently blew out the flame until I had billows of smoke all around me. I have no idea what was going through my mind as I continued to light the bundle repeatedly and blow it out until my kitchen was completely full of smoke. If some is good, more is better, right? Not always. The idea is to cleanse the space not to fumigate it. My kitchen looked like something out of a Cheech and Chong movie. (Please tell me you know who they are). Sage has a wonderful aroma but I guess it could be likened to marijuana if you’re not familiar with the smell. My eyes were tearing, I was choking and sputtering, my dogs were sneezing and in walks my daughter.  I saw her look at me dumbfounded, sniff the air and shriek.  “MOTHER, what the HELL are you smoking?”FullSizeRender

The ritual of burning sage, called saging or smudging, is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing negative or impure energy from a person or a space. Native American sage burning (did you ever wonder what was really in those peace pipes?) is the most commonly recognized form of this ritual although this practice exists in many other cultures throughout the world – from the Catholic Church’s use of the rich aroma of frankincense to the use of the pleasant and uplifting scent of palo santo (sacred wood) in purification rites by indigenous people of the Andes.

I use white sage (salvia apiana) which is commonly found in smudge sticks. The leaves of the sage plant are burned and the smoke is directed into and onto areas that are in need of clearing and protection.  As the leaves burn and you speak and express your gratitude for its assistance, the spirit of the sage plant releases its positive energy into the space or onto the object that needs to be cleansed or cleared. As the smoke billows through the room or moves over a surface, it attaches itself to any negative energy that is within the space. As the smoke clears, the spirit of white sage carries the now unattached negative energy up to the divine light for transmutation. This heavy energy becomes released, so that it may transform to positive energy.

“Salvia,” the Latin for sage, stems from the word ‘to heal.’ Sage leaves are a grayish-whitish-green. Rubbing them between your fingers causes a wonderful cleansing scent to be released. Aside from healing and purification, benefits of burning sage include increased spiritual awareness, protection, clarity and, of course, wisdom.  Is it an accident that we refer to wise people as “sages”?  I wonder if “sage” could  just be another name for stoner.  Hmmm. This is definitely something worth pondering for a future post. 🙂

There are many different types of sage, including “diviners sage”  (salvia divinorum) which, according to Wikipedia, is a hallucinogenic.   I actually think I got some of that diviner stuff by mistake last week. Yikes.

When I first started communicating with the spirit world, I realized that sometimes energies would linger in the spaces where I conducted readings. I would always set the intention that by doing a visualization my space would be clear. This comes in handy when I’m at a place where I can’t use the sage.

It’s very simple to do. Just imagine that the impure energies (either yours or energies you have picked up from others), are released from your energy field, back to the earth. This is called grounding and clearing. It is a highly beneficial practice for any intuitive or energy worker. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Call in  your angels and guides and ask them to protect and assist you. Visualize yourself in a bubble of pure white light. See any dark or heavy energy that may have attached itself to you, exit through your feet and become released back to the earth.  You can use this routine to clear your house, or any space where the energy feels thick or heavy.   Many times I use this technique after I have a fight with my husband. 🙂  I see him disappearing with the negative energies.  Bye bye, Al!

Sometimes the mental clearing isn’t enough (Al is still there) and you have to use the white sage.  Again, it’s important to set an intention. You can repeat a mantra or a prayer.  I call in my angels and guides. After placing a bubble of white light around me, I ask them to assist me by transmuting all negative energies into positive energies.  I do this as I walk through the house or around the space or object I am cleansing.  You should do and say whatever feels right for you in your cleansing ritual.

I suggest you use a heat proof container or bowl to put the sage in after you light it.  I use white sage bundles or sticks which are readily available in metaphysical stores or on the internet. Once the stick begins to flame,  blow it out.   Once the flame is blown out, it will smoke. (Don’t be an idiot like me and let it flame and burn). The movement and release of the energy comes with the smoke and not with the flame.

Place the lit, smoking top of the sage stick, down inside the bowl and use  your hand or a feather to “waft” the smoke to the areas you want to cleanse. When doing my entire house, I usually start in the basement and then walk clockwise around the house. It’s important to let the sage smoke get into the corners and into closets and other small spaces where negative energies can linger.  When you are finished, open a window to release the smoke and attached energies.

I self-smudge too. I usually do this every other day or so. You can take your bowl of lit sage and put it on the floor between your feet and ankles.  Bend over and waft the smoke upward until you have sent the smoke above your head.

I also like to burn rosemary and palo santo in my space while I am doing a reading or meditation. Palo santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to frankincense and myrrh.  In Spanish, Palo santo means “holy wood”.  Also readily available in metaphysical stores and on the internet, it has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon and is enjoyed by many for its energetically cleansing and healing properties that are similar to sage.  It provides an uplifting scent that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to the Source of all creation.  It is also said that palo santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune to those who are open to its magic.  It’s also fabulous for helping to keep away mosquitoes! I throw some in with the wood in my fire pit. Palo santo does not affect the taste of smores so no worries there.   Oh my gosh! Have you tried smores with bananas and peanut butter cups? Yummie!

Hmmm. I wonder if burning sage and palo santo is giving me the munchies!


With Love, Healing & Crystal Energy,



Would love to hear your comments!



Tree Hugging: It’s Not For the Faint of Heart

Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees.

~Author Unknown

FullSizeRender(5)Hello from my backyard! I’d like you to meet Elva, my beautiful, majestic, wise, nurturing and healing tree. We met not long after I moved to this area of Western Pennsylvania, about 8 years ago.

Elva and I found each other while I was going through a very rough period in my life; a period of spiritual evolution and awakening to higher consciousness. It was a period of deep introspection, insecurity and restlessness. At the time I thought I was losing myself but in actuality I was shedding my skin and preparing for a great metamorphosis. FullSizeRender(6)

I remember that it was late summer and the leaves were starting to transform to their magnificent hues of gold and red. I was sitting on my back deck (that’s what the previous owners of the house called the contraption but really it was just a few rickety old boards thrown together). The house actually had a “river”, complete with frogs, running through the basement. The front foundation wall was cracking and water was coming in. Lots and lots of water. As far as I was concerned the only redeeming quality this house had was the land on which it sat. I hated it. My husband, the carpenter, had to have it because it had so much “potential” I was sick of his “potential” crap. The last property we bought had a roof that was falling down and walls that were caving in. I cried the first time I saw that beast of a building in the middle of nowhere that was going to house our business. I do have to say, however, he turned that particular structure into something beautiful with his “vision”.  I knew he could do the same with the house but I didn’t want to wait until we finally got to “Phase IV” of the project. Okay, where was I before I ranted? Elva. Yes, Elva.

Evening was falling and I was breathing in the essence of late summer. I heard my name being whispered softly and urgently. I looked up and I knew the voice was coming from the nearby maple tree. I slowly walked over to it but the walk was almost trance like as I was drawn closer and closer. I felt my heart bursting with love and tears began to fill my eyes. The only thing I wanted to do was to hug that tree. I had never hugged a tree but the feeling was urgent. I had read that you are supposed to ask a tree’s permission before you touch it but there was no time for that. She didn’t want me to speak. She just wanted me to hug her and I knew this. I gently put my arms around her massive trunk and leaned my head against the cool bark. The earthy, woodsy scent of her assailed my nostrils and filled my senses with love and light; knowledge and truth. She softly whispered her name to me, Elva. In a somewhat motherly tone, she bade me to sit down and lean my back against her trunk. She asked me to put my bare feet on the soil and imagine roots coming out of them and growing into the earth, grounding my body to the earth just as her body was grounded to it. I felt her powerful energy mixing with mine as she began to transmute what was negative in my heart space and replace it with goodness and love.

Elva and I have had many, many visits over the years. Sometimes I go to her with sadness and she makes me whole. Sometimes I go to her just to feel her loving presence and connect to her infinite wisdom. Other times I go to her just because I am happy and I want to share my joy with her.

FullSizeRender(2)I leave her little gifts in gratitude of her friendship; a feather, a crystal.

I play soft music for her although she is a Springsteen fan too. It’s just one of the reasons why I love her. (big smiles)

My husband has become accustomed to me sitting with Elva for long periods of a time. He just grins indulgently and pleads in a half serious tone for me not to let the neighbors (we only have two) see me hugging Elva. You should have seen him taking these pictures of me. His facial expressions were hilarious. His body language clearly stated his discomfiture at the thought of his wife’s idiosyncrasies being discovered by the neighbors.  I personally don’t care who sees me though. I’d be more than happy to explain the joy that tree hugging can bring.

Don’t tell my daughter but my grandchildren hug Elva too.FullSizeRender(7) In fact, they hug a lot of the trees around my house. The kids will also chirp a small apology to a tree (sorreeeey twee) if an errant toy or ball hits one of my leafy friends inadvertently or, if they run into a branch while playing. The trees just smile indulgently. Children are beloved by tree spirits but actually, all human beings have a very special relationship with trees.

From the beginning of man’s existence, trees offered shelter, food and warmth. Trees produce the oxygen that humans need to breathe, while we exhale the carbon dioxide that trees thrive on. Therefore, man and trees have a unique connection.

The Native Americans called trees “Our standing brothers and sisters”. They recognized the power and the magic of these multidimensional beings. Trees have their roots deep down in the earth which signifies their connection to the underworld. Their trunks and lower branches are in our physical world. The branches of tall trees reach high in the sky which makes them a bridge to the upper world. Trees can connect us to other realms, such as the Faerie Realm, which is in a dimension parallel to ours. (a topic for another day)

Because they are multidimensional and have great freedom in the other realms, trees can help us in journeying and inter-dimensional travel. Meditating with a tree can be very relaxing and their energy helps to ground us. They can transmute our negative energies into healing energies. We can draw energy from a tree without depleting it by simply giving it some of ours. It’s a natural and joyful exchange!

Communicate with the trees through your thoughts. They don’t necessarily understand our spoken language, rather they understand our vibration and intention. Some will allow you to approach them and others have a mistrust of  humans and will prefer if you keep your distance. If you are out among the trees politely introduce yourself and ask if you can approach. You will know by the way you feel if this is okay. Trust your instinct.

Oh and one more thing. Don’t look behind you to see who’s watching when you finally do hug a tree. Open up your heart space and set your inhibitions free. The love, wisdom, comfort and healing you will receive from communicating and meditating with trees is well worth the trip to the looney bin in a padded coat. Tee hee!!!FullSizeRender(3)




Om Shanti and Shalom

Well, I got my first post written last week.  I’m out of the spiritual closet;  maybe not completely out because this blog isn’t reaching many people yet but the door is off the hinges and my pedicured toes are sticking out. Yes, I said pedicured. No respectable Jewish girl ever goes anywhere sans shoes unless her toe nails are polished. My maternal grandmother would kill me if she saw me doing yoga with calloused feet.

Oh and you read it correctly the first time. I did say “Jewish”. I’m also an ordained interfaith spiritual minister. Not cool if you’re a Jew.  If my paternal grandmother was still in the physical world, she’d be tearing at her clothes and going into mourning for the “shonda” I brought to the family name.  (A “shonda in Yiddish means to do something publicly shameful because, as the theory goes, we are all held accountable for the worst deeds of all of us.) Hopefully this little confession gave you a clue as to why my spiritual journey turned inward.

I have about a million things running through my mind that I want to share with all of you. I’m trying not to over think this process and just let it happen.  This requires patience. I don’t know how much meditation I would have to do to attain this virtue but “I AM” working on it.  The “I AM” reference is definitely a blog for another day but I can’t help it when my thoughts jump out of my head, run around and trip on each other. You’ll find this to be a common theme in my writing.

It’s every blogger’s aim to be liked and followed. Despite my guilt filled upbringing, it’s always been my opinion that it’s really none of my business what anyone else thinks of me. This is something I try to live by so I’m a little conflicted with this blogging process. On the other hand, I decided to step up and truly live what I speak in terms of who I am and what I do.  When I developed this blog, I decided to put myself “out there” (although some would say I’m already “out there” ((grins)) but in keeping with my philosophy, who cares?

I understand that what I have to say won’t resonate with everyone. I’m okay with that.  I spent too many years trying to please the unpleasable. Now I just want to  live life as my authentic self.