CRPS/RSD is a debilitating disease. It’s a disease that afflicts me personally but I’m not going to own it.  I am not going to say that I “have” CRPS/RSD.  I acknowledge its presence but I don’t dwell on it and I refuse to be defined by it. This is where spiritual healing comes in.

Part of my intention here is to bring awareness to CRPS/RSD. Most people don’t  know what it is. Not only does the disease affect me but it also affects other members of my family. I don’t necessarily want to focus this blog on that particular disease though. Any disease could be the topic in this forum. Most of us are afflicted with something.

Aside from CRPS/RSD, I suffer (“oh how I suffer” :-)) with a constant aching pain in the tuchas (my husband). Al, I’m so glad you’re clueless when it comes to the internet. You’ll never see my posts! Tee hee!

But, as the infamous “yenta” and the bubbes always say, “even the worst husband is better than no husband, God forbid. Pu, pu pu! Right? Of course, right? 🙂

The following is directly from the RSDS.org website:

CRPS/RSD is a chronic neuro-inflammatory disorder. It is classified as a rare disorder by the United States Food and Drug Administration. However, up to 200,000 individuals experience this condition in the United States, alone, in any given year.

CRPS occurs when the nervous system and the immune system malfunction as they respond to tissue damage from trauma. The nerves misfire, sending constant pain signals to the brain. The level of pain is measured as one of the most severe on the McGill University Pain Scale. CRPS generally follows a musculoskeletal injury, a nerve injury, surgery or immobilization.

CRPS/RSD is very painful. The classic pain is a burning sensation but there are many other diverse and painful symptoms.  This disease is no joke despite some in the medical community who still offer the theory that the pain is “all in your head”. Believe me, it’s not. If I wanted to put something in my head it wouldn’t be pain. No, I’m not going to share my secret fantasies with you so don’t panic.

Many other diseases with which people are afflicted are also painful. I’m not suggesting that CRPS/RSD  is different. What I am saying is that my experience and your experience of pain will always be unique. I believe there are many reasons for this variance. It’s the way in which we “receive” these “pain”  signals. Because we are all unique individuals, our bodies, minds and spirits perceive and distribute this pain in different ways. Body, mind and spirit must work together in order for healing to take place, just as they work together to bring painful experiences to our reality.

Modern medicine is wonderful but those magical pills the doctor gives you may not help you if you don’t assist your body in its own natural healing process.  (I’m all for natural remedies but there are times when you just need to see a medical doctor so I’m not suggesting that you don’t seek treatment.)  What I can tell you for sure though, is that our thoughts are a powerful influence over how we feel. The mindful actions that we take or don’t take to heal, will strongly impact the body’s natural ability to recover from anything.

What we believe is what we attract to us. A belief is a persistent thought that we just keep thinking over and over and over and over and over and over again (you get the idea, right?) until that thought just takes control.  The thought can be good or it can be bad. It can help or it can harm. We believe what we tell ourselves, “right? Of course, right!”

(Didn’t you just love Fiddler on the Roof? I  must say I’m a bit of a yenta in my own way. Even though the word has a negative connotation, the root of it actually comes from the Italian for “kind”.  I think there are good yentas and bad yentas. A good yenta (that’s me) provides knowledge and wisdom about all things.  A bad yenta is a major pain in the tuchas and a gossip. (e. g. the receptionist where I work) For those unfamiliar with the Yiddish word “yenta” see Wikipedia – better yet , see Fiddler on the Roof!)

So, where was I? Oh  yes. If you give your power to those negative thoughts,  you will own the disease and it will own you.  You will be cellmates for life. (sort of like marriage) Rather, if you have thoughts of opposition to your condition you will allow the healing to take place. I’m not talking about a “cure”. I’m talking about a healing.  Healing is an ongoing process but it can most certainly bring about a cure. This “opposition process” will enable you to see that your thoughts can actually work to make you feel better.

There are those times when we will feel overwhelmed by the intensity of pain. This is when we must actively acknowledge and accept what is going on with our body and learn to love ourselves in spite of illness. This is a time that as we nurture our bodies with medication or other pain modalities, we have to nurture our minds and spirits with love.  We have to love ourselves through those painful episodes in order to get to the other side of them. The instant we begin to think in this way is the instant we begin the process of self-healing.

Pain can inhibit us from doing normal daily activities and from spending quality time with family and friends. We begin to feel guilty. We feel like unproductive members of society. And because we don’t have a “visible” illness like a broken leg for example, others will often perceive this illness as the “oh it’s all in your head syndrome”. Do you know how many times I’ve heard………..”well you look great, I would have no idea you were sick if you hadn’t told me. This is why it is so very important to love and heal yourself each and every moment of everyday, because YOU ARE IMPORTANT and YOU DO MATTER.

It’s even more important to remember, however that loving and accepting ourselves doesn’t mean we have to wallow in the shit. We can empower ourselves to feel better in the midst of any crisis. Even if we just make ourselves laugh for ten seconds.  It’s ten seconds you have being and feeling positive rather than being and feeling negative. Those seconds add up to minutes and minutes add up to hours and soon we understand that all life really is means living in the moment; being happy in each moment. And yes, even being at peace that we may be afflicted with an illness. Every good and bad experience we have in our lives is what makes us unique. CRPS or ANY disease is what we may be experiencing in a particular moment or even in many, many moments of our lives, but that isn’t what defines us.  Disease doesn’t define you or give you a label. Only you can define you.

The two most powerful words in the Universe are “I AM”.  God is the I AM presence. You are the I AM because God is within you.  When you attach any negative thought to the I AM you are creating your own fate because this is what you are stating that you believe about yourself. Each time you say “I am in pain”; “I am not well” then you are breaking down the wholeness of God who you really are and making yourself more susceptible to receiving these negative thoughts.(dis-EASE)  By consistently using these types of phrases, you are impeding yourself from becoming well because your entire being is reacting to your words.  The energy of your body is literally vibrating this negativity and bringing it back to you, therefore making you more sensitive to the pain. The Law of Attraction – that which is like into itself is drawn.

However, by saying, I am healed. I am well, I am happy, I am feeling great, you send out the vibration of really feeling that way. Your body, mind and spirit will respond in kind because you are “opposing” the negative thoughts. Each time that you tell yourself that you are well and whole and good and one with God, your life and health improves and it becomes more difficult for dis-EASE  to attack you. Again, the Law of Attraction.

I’m not saying this is easy. I know it isn’t.  I’m not being insensitive because I can empathize with painful experiences and I practice this type of healing myself. I like to say that I am always in a constant state of healing.  At least, that is where I strive to be by consistently examining my thoughts and by practicing mindful awareness. As humans, we must learn to live in the moment. When you think about it, that’s really all we have. (Wait, I already said that  – it must be important!)  Worrying about things we can’t change and giving our power over to a disease takes those precious moments of life away from us. Life on this physical plane will be gone soon enough. Enjoy the moments.

L’Chaim! To Life!




For those of you wondering, I really do like my husband (most days).  It’s just fun to pick on him.  🙂

Sending healing love, prayers and blessings to each and every one of you. Thank you for being part of my experience.

Pu Pu Pu = literally spitting the words “pu pu pu” or “toi toi toi”.  Yiddish for warding off the evil eye.  Who needs protective crystals when you can spit?

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  • Dear Dana,
    I AM very grateful for reading this blog!!!! Thank you for stating what you did about not owning the dis ease and the pain. I am very moved by what you said and what you have and still continue to go through my friend. You are a blessing to all who have health issues, and constant pain by staying positive and not letting it control you. Next time I “whine” about pain I will remember what you wrote here, Kudos to you <3

  • Karen Fisher

    This message has been an eye opener for me. You and I have discussed the need to be positive and enjoy every moment that God has given us so I have given much thought to “living” life to the fullest. To read the message however, to see the words and read it over and over which I have done actually helped me to understand things about me and my so called afflictions and how to think about my life. Thank you for your insight. Love you sweetie. Looking forward to the next message.?

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