“Glimpse of Heaven” Painted By: Linda Masson

I think every writer has a day (or maybe even several thousand days) in their career where the blank page glares back at them like a flashing neon sign. I’m having one of those days right now. My thoughts just won’t connect to my keyboard. Facebook is calling me – I have to play Candy Crush.  The words just aren’t flowing. (Delete, delete, delete) Microsoft Word is mocking me. “What’s the matter with you, Dana; are your words dried up already? You just got started blogging.  Slacker! Have another cookie or three (or seven) and forget about this writing thing.  

Is Microsoft Word really mocking me or, is it my own fear and ego violently debating my inner guidance? Should I, or should I not, really say what’s on my mind?

I don’t normally “worry” about how other people are going to feel or think about me in my endeavor to express my opinions but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it. We all have our own perception of reality though. I can’t be responsible for another person’s perception of my writing or my beliefs. I can’t let crap like that in my own head influence what I write or what I don’t write. The only thing I have to be responsible for is my intention. If my intention serves my highest good or another person’s highest good, then it’s too bad what other people think. I might be a lady of the light (I said light, not night) but I’m not going to let my ego or fear keep me from expressing myself.   Now get busy and write! It’s what you do so just do it. 

When I was a kid I had none of these types of inhibitions. I said what was on my mind, usually got a slap and life went on until the next time I opened my opinionated mouth to my parents.  I’ve taken very serious steps in my spiritual journey since then. I’ve become more aware of the power of thoughts and words; my own as well as those of others. Sometimes I just want to say things that I am consciously aware are going to draw me into negativity. I do this because I don’t want someone else to “get the best of me.” This is pure EGO at work.  As James Van Praagh would say……ego equals “edging God out.” I work so hard to overcome my ego but I’m not always successful. There are those days where I feel like I’ve “lost a turn” and have gone “back three steps” in the game of spiritual pursuits. I want to be a better person. I strive to be a better person. My ego doesn’t always let me be a better person.  Back to the starting position I go.

I think that life on Earth is our “learning curve.” When we are ready to move on to a higher plane of existence, we will have learned enough not to have an ego. I think I must have lived many past lives here on Earth. I still haven’t learned how to completely keep my unsolicited thoughts to myself, which is why I keep coming back to this planet.  I should have by now, at the very least, learned when not to open THE    BIG    JEWISH    MOUTH. And so the cycle continues until I fully allow mind to meld with spirit in every thought word and deed. Yeh, that’s gonna happen. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of those monk robes.

Absent-mindedly munching on kale chips (if one is good  – more is better – the whole bag is a laxative), I was sprawled in my favorite chair in the family room. I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and watching my bird friends devour the sunflower seeds from the feeder. I was still struggling over what to blog about this week while simultaneously yelling at Microsoft Word to get out of my head. (no, I’m not getting a kickback from them) Oh wait, the birds remind me of something funny.

Years ago, I was living in the frozen tundra in rural bible belt Pennsylvania.  I was driving to my house with my daughter and a friend of hers.  I think they were about 12  or 13 at the time. I remarked that when I got home that I had to feed my bird friends.  I heard a gasp from the back seat and glanced in the rear view mirror.  My daughter’s friend was visibly upset.

Me:     Amanda, what’s wrong?

Amanda:   Um, do  you think you can take me home?

Me:     Why, are you sick?

Amanda:     No.

Me:     Well, what’s wrong? I thought you were going to sleep over tonight.

Amanda:     Well, I’m a Christian.

Me:     Yeh, so?  I’m a Jewish Democrat. (not something you really want to advertise in the bible belt) What’s the problem?

Amanda:     Well, my mom wouldn’t want me to hang out here with you and your boyfriends.  Hey, are you really Jewish? (she was totally looking for the horns)

Me:     Boyfriends? What boyfriends? Amanda, what are talking about?

Amanda:     Well you said you had to feed your boyfriends when you got home.

Me:     (having an ah hah moment and bursting out laughing)  Not boyfriends silly girl, bird friends! I have to feed my bird friends. (I was having visions  of wearing a gigantic SCARLETT LETTER on my camo jacket and my name being blasted on every household scanner in the mountains – “hoe on the hill” – echo……….echo……….echo………)

Amanda: (obviously relieved and laughing now) Oh, I can stay now. What’s for dinner? I’m starving.

Me:  Sunflower seeds.

Amanda:   Can I call my mom?

So, I’m still sitting here scrolling through my Facebook news feed while trying to figure out what I’m going to write about this week. It occurs to me that Facebook can be depressingly phony at times.  I feel that social media is full of ego and has so much to do with why many people feel inadequate these days.  The “she has what I want and I don’t have it and feel jealous so she’s a bitch” syndrome is everywhere.  This is pure ego. Although Facebook certainly has many good qualities and many wonderful people, it can also be a cesspool of pretense.  Aside from the garden variety “please pray for my aunt’s uncle’s cousin’s mother’s step-son” and all of those disgustingly not good for you pictures of fatty and GMO filled dessert recipes, people only want others to see all of the “good things” that are happening in their lives. They can’t wait to post a status or a photo of a fabulous vacation, some perfectly plated food at a chi-chi restaurant or, some new bauble on a finger they are trying not to obviously shove in your face in a picture.

That ring she’s wearing can signal a ship in the harbor at night. Her husband must be doing so well.  Nah, her ring is some schlock cubic zirconia from a shopping channel. Her husband is a stingy momzer.)  She looks like a new Cadillac but her jewelry is from China.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Even more so, don’t let what you think another person has and you don’t have, become a source for your own unhappiness. The people in those pictures are just like you and I.  They fart and they belch. They take Viagra and Prozac. Sometimes their kids hate them, they all have bad hair days and sometimes they walk around with their button undone on their pants because they gorged on trashcan cookies (here’s a link to the recipe). YUM! http://vanessabaked.com/?s=trash+can+cookies&submit=Search

So, where, I ask you, are the normal “life is real – everyone has their own crap to deal with everyday” – Facebook posts? How about “Good morning Facebook friends! I just caught my wife doing the Maytag man.  I had no idea the dryer was even broken” or,  “The police just released this mug shot of my son.  I told him not to wear that trashy bra with the white blouse. Oy.” (this would be a double whammy for a Jewish mother)  How about this status – photo of a woman with her perfectly set table and beautifully prepared meal, “I made this for our 25th anniversary dinner right before I caught my husband, the rat bastard, having cyber sex with three bimbos. Now he’s busy trying to extinguish the computer I set on fire.”

The point is that not every picture and status tells the REAL story.  Do you see where I’m going here? The fact that there is a “real story” behind every picture is the essence of what I want to express.  People allow others to see what they want them to see. We all have human egos that often times refuse to allow the negative things that affect our lives to show through. (Except for the Facebook Drama Queens and Kings – shout out to them for being real!) “Imma whoop yo bitch hoe ass. Yo back door man be MY life hostage!” Translation: I’m going to kick your sorry butt because the guy you’re cheating with is my husband!

Why don’t our lives look like the people in the pretty picture?  Our jealousies and insecurities over things or situations we think others have that are better than our own situation can make us feel jealous and ungrateful. Without gratitude we have nothing.  Our lives are a vicious cycle of acquiring one material thing after another, each time trying to get more things or do better than we’ve done in the past.  It’s okay to strive for the things we want and we should have them.  What we shouldn’t do, is forget to the live in the moment. Life is now, not after you get that new chachki or job or vacation or whatever. There will always be something else you desire; something that you think will make you happier. Your desire for some thing will never go away.  Chasing that desire as the cure for your happiness is what really makes you unhappy.

Expressing gratitude and appreciation for the things you already have in your life is the fastest way to bring more and more joyful experiences to yourself.  By doing this you create a vibration of abundance around yourself rather than a vibration of lack. If you are concentrating on gratitude then you will begin to find that negative things begin to dissipate as you only allow your thoughts to be those of appreciation and well-being.  This is a practice we must learn to do each day.  Gratitude is something you must constantly choose.

There are more things in life to be thankful for beside material things although those physical manifestations of your desires probably come to your mind first. Try to delve a bit deeper and learn to appreciate the things which are beyond the physical. Look within and appreciate all of the amazing traits you have and all that you are.  Be grateful that as a “spiritual being having a human experience” you have been given the power to create life as you desire it to be.  The power of your mind is unlimited. The only thing that limits you are your own limiting beliefs. Wow! I’m so profound I scare myself sometimes. – haha.

Creeping on other people’s Facebook pages and calling them bitches because they’re driving a new Mercedes isn’t the way to attract the things you want into your own life.  “How did she get that rich guy to marry her? She’s not even a nice person and her upper lip needs to be waxed.” How is this fair? Any woman walking around with a mustache shouldn’t be driving a Mercedes. She must be able to suck golf balls through a straw or something. Yes, that’s it.  (Oh please…….spare me that “I’m offended” crap.  I’m just saying what everyone is thinking!!!!!)

I think we all need to be more like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. It’s the grass is always greener story.  You think you would be happy if you were inside those pictures you see on Facebook, right? Not necessarily. Those smiling people have the same problems you and I have. They’re human just like us. Having money or material things doesn’t necessarily make them happier people (although I’m guessing it’s better to cry in a Mercedes than in a Suzuki). Some of those material things and pictures we see on social media are all an illusion. We’re all equal in this world. Money does not make one better or happier than another.  We all have many of the same struggles and eventually we’re all going to end up in the same place in the ground.  So why not live for today and be grateful for what is in front of us right now? Crying about what we don’t have isn’t going to bring us any closer to getting it. In fact, it will keep us further away from our desires. Things can’t be changed in life if you attack them from a place of misery. Universal Law of Attraction – that which is like unto itself will be drawn. Be and think positive and you will get positive. Be and think negative and you will get negative. Works every time.

Not only will thinking negative thoughts make you feel bad but crazy conversations with your ego will begin to manifest in your head. Happens to me all the time as my followers well know. 🙂




I’ve met some wonderful people on Facebook who have become trusted and loving friends. When it’s good, it’s great. When it’s bad, it can make you feel like your life sucks. It doesn’t.

Please check out my friend Linda’s site. http://www.bestpsychicdirectory.com/canada/LindaMasson-l.html

She’s a wonderful artist as well as an amazing intuitive.

 I also thought you would enjoy these breathtaking Fall sunset pictures over Edinboro Lake in Pennsylvania. They were taken by my very talented sister, Holly.

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  • Dear Dana,
    I could not agree more with what you said here : “Be and think positive and you will get positive. Be and think negative and you will get negative. Works every time.” VERY WELL STATED BLOG!!! I look forward to your wonderful blogs each week, thank you so much, love n hugs from Mary

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