Spirituality can be found in all things. Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes we have to look a little harder to see it. Then there are the times when it feels like a shelfful of books just fell onto your head and you KNOW you’ve just experienced something amazing.

Last week, my energy and vibration were feeling kind of low. I went shopping for ingredients to bake myself out of a funk. I was meandering down the baking aisle of the grocery store, my thoughts completely lost in zucchini bread and how I could possibly make it taste different. My garden is abundant with these aggressive growing veggies this year. I’ve made, plain, chocolate, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, lemon and carrot cake zucchini bread. Yep, I’ve been in a number of “funks” these last few weeks. I’ve made zucchini “noodles”. I’ve chopped, diced, sliced, baked, fried, and marinated the stuff but I digress.

So there I was in the grocery store contemplating yet another recipe for zucchini bread, when I saw a boy about 8 years old standing with his mom at the end of the aisle. He had a bag of Reeses peanut butter baking chips in his hands. He was begging his mom to buy them for him. I heard him tell her he wanted to melt the chips down, dip Oreo cookies in them, freeze them and eat them! Anything involving peanut butter sounds good to me and I smiled with delight thinking I had just solved my zucchini bread dilemma. Thanks kid!


I could clearly see and feel that the mom wanted to buy the peanut butter chips for her son but it was obvious by her looking at the price and hesitating, that the cost might just put her over the family budget for the week. The kid was literally begging her to buy them.

He was going to tease his carb-conscious father. (haha) He was going to share them with his sister. (always a nice touch) He would clean his room. (yeh right). He was doing the little dance thing that kids do when they’re begging for toys or treats. He was shaking his mom’s arm and the words please, please, please were reverberating from him.  He was so sure that his begging dance would manifest those yummy peanut butter chips. He could taste their deliciousness.  He believed it with his whole heart.FullSizeRender(1)

It was then that my littlest angel poked her nose in and spoke up. She asked me to buy the Reeses chips for the boy. (thanks for your help, Matilda, but I would have thought of this on my own in another minute or two.)  I have to say though,  I did smile at her micromanaging attempt.

By now, I had walked past the mother and son. I turned around and smiled at them. I opened my heart space to the mom and looked into her eyes. She knew something wonderful was going to happen. I asked her if her son was a good boy. Of course she replied that he was. I reached into my wallet and took out $3.00 to cover the cost of the chips and handed the money to the child. I told him that I would like to buy the chips for him because he deserved them and because he truly believed he was worthy enough to receive them. He grinned at me with a mixture of excitement, awe and skepticism. Then he blushed but looked me in the eye, took the money and stated his gratitude with a big thanks. The mom thanked me and told me that she and her son would “pay it forward” whenever they could.  I swear in that exact moment, I heard the angels singing. Well, maybe just a little humming. Okay, only one angel humming but it’s a start.

I know it was only $3.00. His mom knew it was only $3.00. I know I didn’t feed an entire third world country but the look on the face of that child sent my spirit soaring. My vibration was instantly lifted. I honestly felt like I could fly.

Every story has a moral. This one happens to contain a few.

Without a doubt, it is infinitely better to give than to receive.

Manifestation is in all of us. We can literally bring into our existence the things we say and the things we believe. Thoughts do become things, both the positive and the negative ones.

Just imagine how magical the world would be if we all performed random acts of kindness and the recipients paid it forward.




My only affiliation is with the Universe and not with Nabisco/Oreo Cookies or Hershey/Reeses Peanut Butter Chips.


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