Conversing with Nature Spirits – yes, Fairies!


Fairy_Land_wallpaperWe have a little problem with Wolf spiders at my house.  Yeh, I never heard of them either until I moved to Western Pennsylvania.  The Wolf spiders that hang out at my house are large, black and ugly but they really can’t help what they look like. (My husband is white, skinny and has a bald spot but I don’t hold that against him. Well, not in the dark anyway -grins)

I don’t like the idea of killing another living being so when these spiders and other little “pests” invade my home, I try the most natural approach possible in order to coax them to leave (or at least go down in the basement and hide in the walls where I can’t see them).  My basement was really wet when we bought the house. We literally had a small creek running through it. Frogs took up residence down there. I really think Al just wanted to brag that we had “waterfront property” and that he could go fishing in his bathrobe and slippers whenever he wanted.  Actually, he does that anyway.  Hey, he has to answer to the police – not me. I’ll spend the bail money on some tchotchke for my very own self.

It’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to know what a tchotchke is if you’re a Jewish girl or dating one. It’s pronounced “choch-ke.” A tchotchke is a completely non-functional item such as a gorgeous piece of jewelry, (I personally like David Yurman) or even a Ming Dynasty vase. It’s one of those things you buy when you’re a little depressed or feel bloated and are desperately in need of retail therapy. Or, if you’re like my grandmother, a tchotchke is an ugly, blue ceramic rooster. OMG, my family should have put that stupid rooster in the casket with her. She spent years promising each one of us that we could have that prized possession of hers on the day she died. No one wanted it. Good Will even sent it back to us. That’s how ugly this freaking thing was. 


Al’s solution for removing the spiders from our house is a can of Raid. My solution is peppermint oil and, and having a chat with the nature spirits. You know, nature spirits? Fairies? Yes, I said fairies. I do, I do, I do believe in fairies!  I’m really coming out of the spiritual closet here.  I can’t even imagine what some of my old school friends are thinking if they’re creeping on my Facebook and reading my blogs.  Wow! That Dana was strange back in high school. She’s a real head case now! Whatever. Screw em.

I find that having a little chat with the fairies and asking them to keep the spiders outside or Fairy_Wallpaper_c_HD_Johnson_MMV_0031_copydown the basement has been super helpful. Every now and then I get a renegade spider in the bathtub. If that happens, I just capture it in a paper cup, put it outside and once again coax the fairies (more like bribe them with chocolate) to keep the spiders out.  (Al gets really pissed when I steal his Hershey Kisses for the fairies)

Sometimes the fairies get a good giggle seeing me have a melt down in the morning when I find a spider in the tub. They really enjoy having fun at my expense. So, when those hilarious little fairies let the spiders sneak in to tease me, I use peppermint oil to make the bathing experience of the spiders completely undesirable. I mix the peppermint oil with water and put it in a spray bottle. No chemicals. Happy fairies. Happy me and a very amused husband.

Nature Spirits are metaphysical beings who inhabit and work with the energies of the non-physical worlds such as the astral plane. They are involved in every aspect of life and in every natural process. They are charged with guarding Mother Earth and are often wary of human beings. Sometimes they are unfriendly toward humans because of the damage we have done to their beloved Earth. If you find a friendly fairy like Tinkerbell, (but real) they can become our powerful co-workers, co-creators and companions.

The surface of the Earth is overflowing with an almost incomprehensible variety of these non-physical beings, each having its own special functions to perform. Nature spirits are part of a hierarchy of life that begins with the angels and filters down through the spiritual planes into manifestation in the physical world. Nature spirits are a part of Earth’s landscape. They are part of the rocks, the soil, the oceans and lakes. They preside over areas of woodland and fields or cultivated areas such as gardens. They direct the activities of all natural processes within their sphere of influence. They emit the necessary impulses for the harmonious functioning of the natural Earth formations and the flora in their care. Nature spirits are inseparable from the four elements and are an essential part in the creation process of all living things. Their every action is filled with joyful celebration as they help to shape the part of the environment they are charged with caring for.

We can learn to perceive these magical beings by learning to develop our “clair” senses such as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling).  This can be achieved through meditation and practice as well as a true desire to connect with the things we cannot see but, know to be there. In other words – ya just gotta believe!

Recognition and acknowledgement from human beings assists nature spirits in the growth of their consciousness and awareness. This is a means by which we can contribute to the spiritual evolution and elevation of our world. Many nature spirits bask in our admiration of their plants or the areas they tend. Even if a human being cannot see them, just knowing and believing the nature spirits are here with us, gives energy, life and power to them so that they can do their work for the world.

Throughout history, humans have sought to describe the fairy realm in stories, songs, and images. Yet, these are only shadows of the deep and complex reality of the “other worlds.”  In our modern world there are many who ridicule those who “believe in faeries,” yet those who do not experience the fairy realm have simply forgotten their natural ability to perceive beyond the veil of the physical world.

Do you really think our ancestors were making all this stuff up?fairyWallpaper

Unfortunately, our collective lack of awareness of these otherworldly inhabitants has brought about a trivialization of faeries as well as a rampant disregard for the spirits of nature and nature herself. It is my belief that we need to reconnect with faerie, plant, animal, mineral, and elemental beings in mutual respect so that we may restore harmony and balance to our minds and bodies, as well as healing to the many areas of our planet that we have damaged.

I can see fairy energy. To me, the energy looks like little white sparkles that bubble and pop all around me. (yes, I’ve had my eyes checked) I can feel the presence of the fairies. I see flashes of color as they quickly move around me.  Fairies vibrate on a frequency which is much higher than the frequency on which we vibrate on Earth. In order to see, feel and hear the fae you have to be able to raise your vibration to get close to their vibration or, they have to lower their vibration to get closer to our vibration.

It takes a good deal of energy and trust on the part of the nature spirits to make this happen.  Fairies can be quite shy and as I’ve said, wary of humans. I let them know that I am a friend to the Earth and mean them no harm. That’s when the fairies insisted I start to recycle. (Me and my loud thoughts – it ain’t easy being an intuitive) And, it’s not just my  trash they make me recycle.  I pick up trash wherever I go. I never thought I would be a trash minion for fairies. Hopefully your hobby is better than mine.

Mommy! Mommy! there’s that crazy neighbor lady with the trash bag walking around again and talking to the air. She’s picking stuff up off of the ground. Eww, Gross!

Shut up kid or I’ll send my spiders to invade your Scooby Doo underwear.

You can always find fairies around plants, animals and children. Fairies love to sing and dance. They play tirelessly so they naturally gravitate to children who often see them with eyes that have not yet become jaded.  Have you ever considered that the “imaginary friends of children aren’t so imaginary after all?

I’m sharing my beliefs in the hope that more people become willing to make it known that they believe in fairies.  This will give others courage to share that they too, believe in the fae. Hopefully, more people will “come out” of the spiritual closet.

Be right back……….doorbell ringing………….let me peek out the window………

Oh bother! Those pesky men in the white coats are here AGAIN!!!!

I wish those damn neighbors would mind their own business.