Humans, Star People or Something Else?


Why am I here?  I’ve often asked myself this question when I was getting stoned but I haven’t smoked pot in a very long time.  Now I just ask the question because I want to know why God put me on this Earth to go through all the crap I’ve lived through.

But, speaking of being stoned, did you know that just about all (maybe even all) native cultures smoked or drank some kind of plant medicine for healing or, to transport their consciousness in order to commune with who or what they called God? I don’t know about you but I find this fascinating. People have been getting high since the beginning of time.  People have also been debauched since the beginning of time. And gay. And thieves. And prostitutes.

Just read the history of the world.  Just read the Bible. It’s all there.

It makes me crazy when people say “what is this world coming to?”  I know I was a dirty, drunken slut (actually “whore” sounds more genteel, right? – I hate to offend)  in a past life but that doesn’t mean I didn’t believe in God or deserve His love.

I really need to stop digressing when I write. Sometimes it even annoys me……………..

Some would say we chose to come to Earth. Really? From where?  This just begs another question……….who are we and where are we from?

Okay, we know we’re humans – well we have human bodies anyway.

I don’t particularly feel like a human.  Humans suck – not all humans suck all of the time. But, a good majority of human sucks most of the time.

That’s been my experience. I hope yours has been better.

I have always felt like I was from “somewhere else.”  Ever since I can remember, I never felt like I belonged here. There is nothing worse than feeling out of place – especially when you’re a kid.  I covered up those feelings with a wise ass attitude but deep inside I was really hurting.  I was longing for something but I didn’t know what that something was.

I would look up at the stars and wonder what was really out there.  I was fascinated by the idea of other inhabited planets and galaxies.  My favorite show all those years ago was “Lost in Space.” It seemed perfectly normal to me to have a robot for a friend. ( but I did think that Dr. Smith was a traitorous pansy ass)

This much I know.  We all come from God or Source. We are all born of Earthly bodies. We all have a soul although our birthplace varies.  Some of us were born in other worlds or realms. Some were born on another planet or star. We were chosen to be sent to Earth or made the choice to come here to help raise the vibration of the planet.  Our purpose is to assist in illuminating other souls and to help them understand the meaning of life which, most of us are still trying to figure out.

Are you still with me or did you get the x out of here?  Okay. Good. I’m glad you stayed.

If you can accept this you must be able to accept the idea of past lives, reincarnation and ancient civilizations. How could only one planet in the whole Universe (now called Multiverse) be gifted with life?  Are we so full of our own egos that we can’t see that?  Do we not dare think so openly because of a particular religious affiliation?  If you are Jewish this doesn’t change the Old Testament stories. Nor does it change the Jesus story of the New Testament.  God is not limited or defined to Earth alone. God is God of a vast and unlimited Multiverse.  Let that penetrate for a moment or two.

Mainstream media usually depicts “extra terrestrials” (I hate that term so I am going to use the term “star people”) as being frightening and ugly. We are taught to fear that which we don’t understand. (Just wait until those UFO government files are declassified people!!!)  How else can we see these beings except as scary and manipulative if, as humans, we can’t even accept ourselves as being equal to one another?

Throughout ancient history, there are many, many examples of how the star people integrated with societies throughout the world. The biggest example that comes to mind is ancient Egypt.  Have you seen some of those hieroglyphs? Take a good look at the ones with the wings in the picture here.  You will never convince me that they are birds. The Egyptians knew how to draw birds. These, my friends, are not birds.  They are “ancient astronaut vehicles.”



Don’t go yet! 

I promise I took my medicine.

Just open your mind to the idea that throughout history our societies were influenced by other worldly beings.

The pyramids of Giza are positioned in a way that is more than coincidental. Three pyramids perfectly match with the stars in Orion’s belt. Even the size of the pyramids are related to the brightness of the stars. Two pyramids are identical with the third being half as high as them just as two of the stars are equally bright with the third half as bright. The pyramids are even positioned in an almost perfect line with the North Magnetic Pole.

Coincidence? Nah. This positioning of the pyramids would have required massive knowledge in science, geometry, and astronomy at the very least. How did an ancient civilization acquire such knowledge?

Ancient Egypt is only one example. Look at the ancient technology of the Mayans, the Aztecs and the Incas.

It still remains a mystery as to how Machu Picchu was built. The stones in these amazing buildings were not sealed with mortar.  The stones were cut so precisely, and wedged so closely together, that a credit card cannot be inserted between them.  Where did this technology come from? Peru is a seismically unstable country. What I find particularly fascinating is that Machu Picchu was constructed on top of two fault lines. When an earthquake occurs, the stones in the buildings are said to “dance;” that is, they bounce through the tremors and then fall back into place. Without this building method, many of the best known buildings at Machu Picchu would have collapsed long ago. Fascinating, right? How long did it take our modern architects to come up with this engineering?

Stories of intelligent beings visiting our planet from the cosmos date back to the beginning of time, and span throughout many different native cultures at various points in human history. Antiquity is filled with stories of beings, materials and flying objects that, according to modern day thinking, should not have existed. Maybe these people were just stoned. Or maybe they saw these things because they were stoned and their unconscious minds were open to receive.

This Multiverse is full of beautiful and magical mysteries. Open your eyes. Open your hearts to the possibilities.  Let go of what you’ve been taught and embrace what you feel. The possibilities are endless.  I believe we already know these mysteries but have “forgotten” them as we’ve transcended lifetimes.

This brings me to the 10 extra DNA strands we have in our body that medical science calls “junk DNA”.  No way. Our creator is way too intelligent to have left unconnected pieces inside of us.  At some point in the evolution of man, these strands served a purpose. We just don’t remember what it is. But, we are starting to remember.  We are starting to evolve as spiritual beings.

Recent information has come to light which reveals that the higher purpose of this so-called “junk DNA,” is to support a “multidimensional consciousness.”  This “consciousness” is actually our natural state of being. Realigning and reconnecting with our creator is how we can attain that state and even reconnect those DNA strands. When we are multidimensional, our physic abilities are reawakened and we develop an ability to connect on the etheric level. This is where we can live in multiple dimensions at once. We can hear, see and communicate with others in these dimensions.

Think I”m nuts yet? Ask Al.  When I come home he doesn’t ask how I am today, he asks who I am today. Sometimes I will ring the Tibetan bell outside of my door to clear the energy before I enter.  Other times, I will touch the mezuzah on my door post and kiss my fingers.

For those not born into one of the twelve tribes of Israel, the mezuzah, which is placed on doorways in Jewish homes, holds a piece of parchment containing two selections of verses (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Deuteronomy 11:13-21. This is the Shema prayer which expresses the unity of God. The verses start with “Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One,” and continue with the commandment to love God with all of your heart. The parchment is placed in a small encasement and affixed on doorposts of the home. The tradition in many Jewish homes is to place one’s hand on the mezuzah when passing by. Some kiss the hand that touched it.

Sometimes I just say thank you God or thank you Jesus or Mother Gaia (Mother Earth) for providing the things I need. Sometimes I thank Lord Ganesha for clearing obstacles from my path. Sometimes I thank Quan Yin for the beautiful love she brings to my heart. All of those and so much more are magnificent. Can you give me a good reason why I shouldn’t experience all of it?

The point for me is that I am all religions and all religions are in me. I am the Universe/Multiverse and the Universe/Multiverse is in me.  There are many paths to God and God has many names. For myself, I have shed the idea of defining myself to a particular religion or belief system.  I actually love learning about all paths to God; all paths to the Light. Each story is beautiful and amazing in it’s own way.  It doesn’t matter to me if I get to God by the stairs, the escalator or the elevator. I am only interested in getting there so why not experience all of the amazing ways to know and understand God?  Of those various paths, take what resonates with you and let the rest of what you don’t need or want, go. Just let it go.

We were taught that religious groups had to behave in certain ways or do certain things or you couldn’t belong to their affiliation. Says who?  Really, tell me.  Says who?  Is God actually the CEO sitting behind some great big Christian, Jewish or Hindu desk somewhere? How do we know one story is true and another is not? That one way is the path to salvation and the other is the path to some kind of hell? Did God actually cite all of the individual “laws” or “rules” that each religion has?  Tell me. Show me.

Many say that the Bible is God’s Word. Perhaps it is but it is also full of contradictions.  God didn’t actually write the Bible, print it out and send it to each individual in the world by UPS. (I have nothing against Fed Ex , btw)  It was humans professing to hear the Word of God who actually wrote the Bible. How do we know they heard God correctly?  How do we know that they correctly interpreted what God was saying to them?

Did you ever think that maybe Adam and Eve looked like apes, thereby giving us the story of creation in both the biblical and scientific sense?  Perhaps they were ape like. Perhaps God gave them fur because they didn’t have clothes. Can science and religion both be right?

Did you ever wonder why in the Old Testament God was portrayed as a “vengeful and jealous God” and then one day he just changed His mind? Just like that He went from extreme vengeance by  proclaiming “an eye for an eye” to espousing “love the neighbor”?  If that resonates with you that’s okay but it doesn’t resonate with me. I believe there is much, much more to the story. I believe there are things that we will never understand as long as we walk on this Earth. I also believe that star people are somehow involved in the whole mystery. Call me crazy. It wouldn’t be the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. 🙂

In my opinion, we can’t rely on another person’s experience of religion or beliefs. We have to find out for ourselves.  Why don’t we let ourselves experience this freely?   The reason? Fear.  Fear is what keeps us tied to a certain belief system. Fear that if we don’t follow what we were taught then something bad will happen to us and we will not be in communion with God. Well, guess what people…….God is inside each and every one of us and if you look for the light you will find it.  The light will illuminate your path as you walk it and you will begin to understand your own personal truth. You will come to know how you were evolved. where you came from and possibly, if you listen closely enough, where you’re going.
















Lose the Fear: They’re Called Tarot Cards – Not Terror Cards

IMG_0886I first discovered Tarot in the Marlo Book Store in Philadelphia when I was a little kid. Each week, my mom or my dad would take me to the bookstore to browse. I was allowed to pick out one book to take home to my growing library which, at the time, mostly consisted of Nancy Drew books. My dad wanted me to read stuff like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn but the classics just didn’t interest me.  I wanted to solve mysteries just like Nancy. I wanted to use my intuition and my hunches just like she did.

Ever since I can remember, I knew things. My family always thought I eavesdropped on their conversations but that wasn’t the case. My grandparents would speak in Yiddish so I couldn’t understand. But, I did understand.  I could feel and understand the vibration of their thoughts. When I was young I would blurt stuff out so they knew I was on to them. The nerve of them trying to keep secrets from me!  I was learning that I was an intuitive. Who knew from psychic or intuitive in those days? No one in my family for sure. According to my grandmother, I was “disturbed”.  A ritch in kop. A real meshugah.  I think she was just pissed at me because I didn’t like her kugel.

IMG_0885Each time I saw the tarot cards sitting in their display on the cash register counter at the bookstore, I had the strongest urge to pick them up and hold them. I was  mesmerized by the red and yellow image of the Magician on the front of the Rider-Waite tarot deck. It was a like a magnet for me.  I wanted to open the package and unlock the mysteries that I intuitively knew were hidden there. The Magician beckoned to me each and every time I went to that store. Some day, I would know what this mysterious card deck was.

I bought my first tarot deck with my babysitting money when I was about 12. I was very excited but I knew that my parents would disapprove. (My intuition was pretty sharp by then. I always knew when my mother was going to be angry with me hours before she actually got angry. Raw talent, right?) I hid the cards in my room and only took them out when no one was home.

The deck came with a little booklet that explained the meaning of each card and  how to do a “spread.” (a spread is a pattern of cards laid out for the reading) I learned that the “Diviner” is the person reading the cards and the “Querent” is the person who is seeking answers.  Obviously giving myself a reading was going to be challenging so I improvised.  I learned the meaning of the cards by role-playing. (yep, basically talking to myself) I set up two seats at my desk. One was for the diviner (me) and the other would be for the querent (also me). I had some of the mostly lively conversations with myself moving back and forth between the seats!

I went to the library every week to study and learn. The Tarot was my secret and I didn’t want to bring the books home.  I could just hear my grandmother babbling, “call the Jewish Family Service. That child needs counseling!” Huddled between the massive shelves, to avoid the disapproving looks of the librarians, (I’m sure they were church ladies) I poured over every book I could find on the subject of tarot and divination. I was fascinated.  I wanted to better understand the mystery of these things as well as my own intuition.

Thought to originally be known as Trionfi as well as Tarocchi, Tarot is a deck with 78 cards. Tarocchi was a game which originated in Europe some time in the 14th century, although researchers have not been able to put an accurate date on the true origin of the cards. There is still a lot of friction between historians and readers not only as to the origin but also as to the purpose of these cards. Many believe and, there is evidence to suggest, that Tarot was a game like modern-day Bridge and not used for divination.

There are a large variety of tarot card decks. I use the Rider-Waite deck, which originated in the late 19th century and was commissioned by A.E. White. It’s the most widely used deck in the world. I find that I resonate the most with this deck. It’s the one I was drawn to as a child.

Contrary to what some believe, Tarot is not evil. This is just another story that the church boogeymen invented to control their flock. The cards themselves do not hold any mysterious powers. They can’t inflict harm or call forth evil spirits. The cards are rich in symbolism that reflect thoughts and actions in our subconscious mind.  One object in the card could have a multitude of meanings depending on the questions you are asking. Tarot and your intuition work hand in hand. Without your intuition you might as well just read the meanings from a book. Your intuition opens you up to all the possibilities, wonder and lessons that the cards hold. This is where the true power of the Tarot comes in.  It teaches us to be open to signs that the Universe sends us.  The Tarot is an opportunity to connect to your spirit guides and is also a wonderful tool for self learning. The Tarot can help you deal with life’s struggles and lessons. The cards can give you insight to situations so that you can make positive choices as certain events crop up in your life. Sometimes, just knowing what is coming can be enough to change your path.

Care should be taken to protect your psychic energy when using Tarot. Any time a connection is made with the spirit world, there is a possibility for low-level energies to come through.  This can happen with Tarot or any other “tool” that is used for divination. These things shouldn’t be “played” with. Tarot is not a game. It is a doorway to spirit through your own intuition and an opportunity for insight, knowledge and growth. Using the cards properly can be an amazing experience.

The cards do not “predict” events but rather, can provide insight into likely scenarios.  FREE WILL is the TRUMP CARD of Tarot. Once we learn the possibilities that the Tarot can help us recognize, we can use the wonderful gift of free will that God gave us in order to make the best decision for ourselves. Nothing is ever set in stone with this wonderful gift. We always have a choice. A card reading should never be thought of as a “seal of fate.”

The deck consists of both the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana  are 21 numbered cards and one unnumbered card (The Fool). These cards are the keys to our initial understanding of the Tarot mysteries. They can hold deep and meaningful lessons.  They deal with the human condition and represent all the joys and sorrows a person can ever experience in their lifetime. The cards are a reflection of our lives although it takes much more than just looking into the mirror of the Tarot to understand the guidance it can provide to us. The imagery of the Major Arcana is filled with wisdom from a variety of archetypes, cultures and traditions.  These include Egyptian, Hebrew as well as Christian.   The Major Arcana speaks to us of life changing events. It speaks of karma and the laws of the Universe. When Major Arcana cards turn up in your reading, pay attention! You are being offered a gift of universal guidance at it’s finest.

The Minor Arcana consists of 4 suits – cups, wands, swords and pentacles. Each suit relates to a different element.

The suit of cups represent water which translates to emotions and feelings.

The suit of wands represent fire which is inspiration, energy flow and spirituality.

The suit of swords represents air – power, intellect, thoughts.

The suit of pentacles represents earth, money/finances, material goods and possessions in the physical world.

The Minor Arcana represent and reflect daily living and not necessarily issues that would impact our lives as a whole. They represent circumstances that pass quickly. They provide us with opportunities to learn to deal with every day issues so they don’t have long-term effects on our lives. Each suit contains fourteen numbered cards – ace through ten and four court cards; page, knight, queen and king.

BY the time I was 16, I had a pretty good grasp of the cards and felt very comfortable with them. I learned how to do self readings without appearing like a paranoid schizophrenic. I simply choose a card to be the significator (me) and asked the tarot those things I needed to know about myself and my surroundings.

Years later, when I was going through a divorce, I became the neighborhood pariah.  There was no such thing as privacy in row house living, especially in a Jewish neighborhood. I was sitting in my living room doing a Tarot spread for myself. The cards were laid out on the table in front of me and I was completely engaged in my own reading. I had a white candle burning which is something I still do today as part of my protection ritual. (Now don’t go getting freaked out on me because I used the word “ritual,  [Ritual is a perfectly safe word that Webster defines as “always done in a particular situation and the same way each time] although, I do realize the macabre images that can come to a person’s head when they hear that word in occult circles.

So there I was at my table, asking the Tarot over and over if my ex was going to die anytime soon, (JUST KIDDING! The Tarot DOES NOT predict death nor does it want to be asked questions ad nauseam) when my nosy neighbor walked in. Of course she was the biggest yenta on the block and, she happened to know my grandmother very well. She looked at me and then looked at the table. She looked at me again, stammered something I couldn’t understand and actually backed out of my house. If she wasn’t Jewish I’m sure she would have whipped out her Rosary and blessed herself. I couldn’t imagine the Bubbe Maiseh she was going to tell today. It wasn’t long before I got the expected call from my grandmother.

Grand-mom: Dana, what have you got yourself mixed up in now?

Me: (sighing heavily) What are you talking about?

Grand-mom: A little birdie told me you were doing black magic.

Me: Little birdie?

Grand-mom: Never mind. Is nisht. She said you had an altar in your house with candles burning and you were chanting.

Me: Altar? Chanting? Not even close. Grand-mom, that isn’t true. I was…….

Grand-mom: (rudely interrupting as usual) If only your father listened to me and took you for counseling when you were a kid but, that’s neither here nor there now.  I’m coming over with the rabbi this afternoon. He wants to talk to you. We’re staying for dinner. Go get some paper plates because I’m bringing kosher food.  Eating from your unclean kitchen he shouldn’t have to do!

Me: Well, I suppose I’m not going to stop you. Just give me an hour or so. I have to clean up the dead chickens on the altar.

Life happens and things change.  I met Al and we eventually married. My spiritual journey took a new turn. I decided to walk on a path filled more with biblical study rather than spiritualism.  My  well-meaning husband helped me to twist my thinking to the point that I  felt I should put the tarot cards away for a while and concentrate on dogma. Okay, I’ll give it a whirl. Always the extremist, I decided to burn the cards rather than just putting them in a drawer.

The odor of the burning cards in the house was completely overpowering. We had to go outside. Of course it had to be a breezy day in May.  People living in rows and rows of houses in my neighborhood had their windows open. I watched the smoke turn black and billow all around. It was so thick I could barely see Al although I could hear him choking and sputtering. The air smelled like an explosion at a chemical plant. Neither of us had thought about the plastic coating on the cards.  I was having regrets. Why was I doing this? I felt so sad watching my cards go up in smoke. Tarot was something I loved. Tarot was something that helped me grow. Why was I going to stifle that? Was the Universe sending me a clear message here? A minute later, the fire department showed up. Crap. It was going to be fun explaining this one.

Once the fire was extinguished and all of the nosy neighbors went to call their nosy friends to gossip about my strange and twisted life, I asked myself why I couldn’t have both the tarot cards and God in my life at the same time? Why did there have to be one without the other? (It was piss poor planning that I didn’t think of this before setting fire to my driveway) I really tuned into my own inner GPS system for the answer. I realized that there was absolutely and unequivocally room for ALL things in the Universe. When I read Tarot, I ask for the highest good and the messages always come to me from my inner guidance system. Who is at the head of that system? God. God within all of us. It wasn’t necessary to take God out of the equation in order to study a different belief system. (“A belief is just a thought you just keep thinking” by the way)   It was just the opposite. The cards were just another way to connect with the Divine and receive guidance on my path. Three days later, I was back at the bookstore buying a new deck. 🙂

Of course like anything else, tarot cards are often misused. However, if your reader is ethical he or she will not do you a dis-service by making things up or telling you things you want to hear just to get your money. There are readers like that out there, yes, but the tarot community is basically a group of wonderfully wise, ethical and loving people who truly want to help others find the “fault lines” in their life and work through their issues. One such community are the wonderful people involved with Biddy Tarot. I took a course with them a couple of years ago and learned so much. I met great people from all over the world. I highly recommend them for tarot readings as well as for learning.

IMG_0882I think one of the biggest things that people fear with Tarot is the Death card. The image can be frightening – a skeleton riding a white horse over a dead body.  This card is actually one of my favorites.  The Death Card does not literally mean the physical death of a person.  This card is more about transformation and changes. It’s about endings that bring about positive new beginnings. Perhaps a “letting go” of something that no longer serves you or eliminating an excess that is hurting you. Because it’s a Major Arcana card it’s a “biggie” if it comes up in a reading. Something regarding the situation you are asking about needs some serious introspection.

An ethical reader will NEVER predict death. An ethical reader will never tell you there’s a “curse” on you and you have to pay money in order to have it removed.  If a reader tells you these things or if  you are given a “dark and scary” reading, please run in the other direction. The Tarot is meant to teach and enlighten – not to frighten.  These are tarot cards not “terror cards.” Unfortunately, Tarot has often been given a bad name. There will always be false readers with their own negative energy and low vibrating agendas who will take advantage of people at the most vulnerable moments of their lives. Don’t be fooled. Knowledge is power.

IMG_0884May the sun always shine in your heart!




I’ve been off of the “dogmatic” path for many years now although I am very grateful for the things I’ve learned.

A wise person once said, “you can’t know what you do want, if you don’t know what you don’t want. “ <3 <3 <3







Om Shanti and Shalom

Well, I got my first post written last week.  I’m out of the spiritual closet;  maybe not completely out because this blog isn’t reaching many people yet but the door is off the hinges and my pedicured toes are sticking out. Yes, I said pedicured. No respectable Jewish girl ever goes anywhere sans shoes unless her toe nails are polished. My maternal grandmother would kill me if she saw me doing yoga with calloused feet.

Oh and you read it correctly the first time. I did say “Jewish”. I’m also an ordained interfaith spiritual minister. Not cool if you’re a Jew.  If my paternal grandmother was still in the physical world, she’d be tearing at her clothes and going into mourning for the “shonda” I brought to the family name.  (A “shonda in Yiddish means to do something publicly shameful because, as the theory goes, we are all held accountable for the worst deeds of all of us.) Hopefully this little confession gave you a clue as to why my spiritual journey turned inward.

I have about a million things running through my mind that I want to share with all of you. I’m trying not to over think this process and just let it happen.  This requires patience. I don’t know how much meditation I would have to do to attain this virtue but “I AM” working on it.  The “I AM” reference is definitely a blog for another day but I can’t help it when my thoughts jump out of my head, run around and trip on each other. You’ll find this to be a common theme in my writing.

It’s every blogger’s aim to be liked and followed. Despite my guilt filled upbringing, it’s always been my opinion that it’s really none of my business what anyone else thinks of me. This is something I try to live by so I’m a little conflicted with this blogging process. On the other hand, I decided to step up and truly live what I speak in terms of who I am and what I do.  When I developed this blog, I decided to put myself “out there” (although some would say I’m already “out there” ((grins)) but in keeping with my philosophy, who cares?

I understand that what I have to say won’t resonate with everyone. I’m okay with that.  I spent too many years trying to please the unpleasable. Now I just want to  live life as my authentic self.