"I Am" By Linda Masson Serenity Garden Art
“I Am” By Linda Masson, Serenity Garden Art

I am, rather, I’ve been, going through a personal struggle.  It happens to all of us, right? We all have those moments (or days, weeks or months) when everything seems to go wrong; where everything we come in contact with seems to turn to crap.  Relationship communication backfires. We lose a loved one – sometimes to death but many times to misunderstanding. Sometimes it’s illness or a job that’s the root cause of our struggles. No matter what “it” is, it seems as though our world as we knew it yesterday, no longer exists today. One minute your life is in balance and in the next you are sucked up into an ugly dark vortex.  (How the hell did I get into this alternate universe and how do I get out?)

In going through this struggle, the one constant that I’ve had from my close friends and family is their unwavering love and support. I’ve heard a lot of my own words of advice thrown back at me in the last few weeks. That’s really been a wake up call for me. (You all were listening to me when I talked! Yaay!)  I actually got through to some of your stubborn asses! 🙂  The knowledge that my words were able to grow roots in the hearts of those I love is a wonderful gift for me. I actually made a difference and now, I’m receiving back the gifts that I gave. For this, I’m truly grateful.

This blog post today is more for me than for you. Writing equates to healing for me. I write to heal others and, as well, I write to heal myself. I’m blessed to have this gift from God. Since I was young, I was able to articulate my feelings and put them on paper. Writing was how I communicated with the world. Dear Mom. Dear Dad. Dear Friend. Dear Boyfriend. Dear Spanish Teacher. (oy did I get in trouble for that one!) Dear President Bush, why do you feel the need to refer to Al-Qaeda as “folks”? We’re not in Texas anymore sir.

I’m always amazed, grateful and humbled by the magic that flows through my fingers and brings the words alive. The computer keyboard is my piano.  As long as I can contain the glib tongue, my thoughts become beautiful music for people to read; to heal and, to understand. (And, not having to illustrate my writing makes it even better. I failed art in middle school. Do you even realize how much lack of talent that takes?) Grins.

Those who know me know that I’m very big believer in the concept that thoughts become things. Your words can most certainly bring forth your experience.  It’s up to you to choose whether your experience, in any situation, will be positive or negative.

I’ve been walking around the last few weeks with the whole  – (“I AM SO SAD” ‘I AM NEVER GOING TO GET OVER THIS”) crappy attitude thing going on which led me to wander off of my path for a bit.   Fortunately, my own words revived me as they came back and spoke to me through the hearts of family and friends. It was like spiritual CPR.

Now, I AM much better.

The I AM Presence is one of the most important tools we have when it comes to meditation and healing,  It lifts our energetic frequency and allows us to experience visions and feelings beyond self-imposed limits.

Each time you use the words “I AM,” you are defining yourself and your surroundings. You basically attract what you say.

The Law of Attraction and the awesome mind-blowing power of the I AM Presence literally bring into your reality the things that you think. 

I often hear people saying I am exhausted, I am sick or I am stressed rather than I am energetic, I am well and I am strong. This truly makes an impact on our reality. Becoming aware of how and when you use these words can make a huge impact on your life. (The sword is mighty but not necessarily mightier than the tongue)

Everything in this Universe carries energy.  There is a higher consciousness at work of which we are all part. This higher consciousness connects everyone and everything. It provides the essence for ALL THAT IS.  This is God, The Creator, The Divine, Source or whatever you want to call it. This higher consciousness is personified as Yahweh in Judaism, God the father in the Christian religion, Brahma to the Hindus, Dharmakaya to Buddhists, and as Allah to the Muslims.

This connection to ALL THAT IS becomes unlocked when we unite with the divine light in our own being. This divine light may also be seen as the presence of God within each of us.

Imagine the I AM Presence as being a sphere of light vibrating and pulsating at the highest frequency possible. This Presence makes up your soul body. It is widely believed that this pulsating spiritual energy contains the record of all your good work of your present and past lives.

In order to use the I AM Presence, you must first awaken it within yourself. Despite it being intelligible on all dimensions of life, you have to remind your earthly self that it has always been in you.

For some with meditation experience,  it might be sufficient to simply state: “I AM my I AM Presence.”  You can speak the words aloud or in your mind. The most important thing is that you feel the vibration of the words in the whole of your being. For others, a guided meditation to activate the I Am Presence may be more helpful. There are many good ones on Google, YouTube, etc.  Call in your angels and guides and ask them to guide you to the one that would be best suited for your personal soul growth. If you find a meditation that resonates with you – it’s yours!

After you have activated your I AM Presence, you can begin using it to the highest potential.  Clear your mind of clutter by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth for a few minutes. You will feel your breathing begin to slow down and you will relax. Allow your thoughts to detach and flow out of your mind with each exhale.

Once you are attuned to this vibration it will be enough to simply state “I AM,” and feel the vibration the words carry in your whole being. Do not expect anything and do not intend anything.  Just be. Let it come naturally and be easy. Breathe in the I AM Presence and feel the spirit of God unfolding throughout the essence of all you are.

The I AM Presence is a powerful tool to greatly increase your vibration. From this state of being you may ask for healing, support or manifestation for the highest good of all.  You can ask for something specific but it is also enough to just flow with the energy carried by this vibration. The Divine knows where the energy is most needed for you.

You can add high vibrational words to positively affirm what you want to manifest in your life. I AM love. I AM truth. I AM light. I AM abundant.  I AM healthy. I AM grateful. I Am a child of the Universe.

I Am ONE with all of you. <3









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