Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees.

~Author Unknown

FullSizeRender(5)Hello from my backyard! I’d like you to meet Elva, my beautiful, majestic, wise, nurturing and healing tree. We met not long after I moved to this area of Western Pennsylvania, about 8 years ago.

Elva and I found each other while I was going through a very rough period in my life; a period of spiritual evolution and awakening to higher consciousness. It was a period of deep introspection, insecurity and restlessness. At the time I thought I was losing myself but in actuality I was shedding my skin and preparing for a great metamorphosis. FullSizeRender(6)

I remember that it was late summer and the leaves were starting to transform to their magnificent hues of gold and red. I was sitting on my back deck (that’s what the previous owners of the house called the contraption but really it was just a few rickety old boards thrown together). The house actually had a “river”, complete with frogs, running through the basement. The front foundation wall was cracking and water was coming in. Lots and lots of water. As far as I was concerned the only redeeming quality this house had was the land on which it sat. I hated it. My husband, the carpenter, had to have it because it had so much “potential” I was sick of his “potential” crap. The last property we bought had a roof that was falling down and walls that were caving in. I cried the first time I saw that beast of a building in the middle of nowhere that was going to house our business. I do have to say, however, he turned that particular structure into something beautiful with his “vision”.  I knew he could do the same with the house but I didn’t want to wait until we finally got to “Phase IV” of the project. Okay, where was I before I ranted? Elva. Yes, Elva.

Evening was falling and I was breathing in the essence of late summer. I heard my name being whispered softly and urgently. I looked up and I knew the voice was coming from the nearby maple tree. I slowly walked over to it but the walk was almost trance like as I was drawn closer and closer. I felt my heart bursting with love and tears began to fill my eyes. The only thing I wanted to do was to hug that tree. I had never hugged a tree but the feeling was urgent. I had read that you are supposed to ask a tree’s permission before you touch it but there was no time for that. She didn’t want me to speak. She just wanted me to hug her and I knew this. I gently put my arms around her massive trunk and leaned my head against the cool bark. The earthy, woodsy scent of her assailed my nostrils and filled my senses with love and light; knowledge and truth. She softly whispered her name to me, Elva. In a somewhat motherly tone, she bade me to sit down and lean my back against her trunk. She asked me to put my bare feet on the soil and imagine roots coming out of them and growing into the earth, grounding my body to the earth just as her body was grounded to it. I felt her powerful energy mixing with mine as she began to transmute what was negative in my heart space and replace it with goodness and love.

Elva and I have had many, many visits over the years. Sometimes I go to her with sadness and she makes me whole. Sometimes I go to her just to feel her loving presence and connect to her infinite wisdom. Other times I go to her just because I am happy and I want to share my joy with her.

FullSizeRender(2)I leave her little gifts in gratitude of her friendship; a feather, a crystal.

I play soft music for her although she is a Springsteen fan too. It’s just one of the reasons why I love her. (big smiles)

My husband has become accustomed to me sitting with Elva for long periods of a time. He just grins indulgently and pleads in a half serious tone for me not to let the neighbors (we only have two) see me hugging Elva. You should have seen him taking these pictures of me. His facial expressions were hilarious. His body language clearly stated his discomfiture at the thought of his wife’s idiosyncrasies being discovered by the neighbors.  I personally don’t care who sees me though. I’d be more than happy to explain the joy that tree hugging can bring.

Don’t tell my daughter but my grandchildren hug Elva too.FullSizeRender(7) In fact, they hug a lot of the trees around my house. The kids will also chirp a small apology to a tree (sorreeeey twee) if an errant toy or ball hits one of my leafy friends inadvertently or, if they run into a branch while playing. The trees just smile indulgently. Children are beloved by tree spirits but actually, all human beings have a very special relationship with trees.

From the beginning of man’s existence, trees offered shelter, food and warmth. Trees produce the oxygen that humans need to breathe, while we exhale the carbon dioxide that trees thrive on. Therefore, man and trees have a unique connection.

The Native Americans called trees “Our standing brothers and sisters”. They recognized the power and the magic of these multidimensional beings. Trees have their roots deep down in the earth which signifies their connection to the underworld. Their trunks and lower branches are in our physical world. The branches of tall trees reach high in the sky which makes them a bridge to the upper world. Trees can connect us to other realms, such as the Faerie Realm, which is in a dimension parallel to ours. (a topic for another day)

Because they are multidimensional and have great freedom in the other realms, trees can help us in journeying and inter-dimensional travel. Meditating with a tree can be very relaxing and their energy helps to ground us. They can transmute our negative energies into healing energies. We can draw energy from a tree without depleting it by simply giving it some of ours. It’s a natural and joyful exchange!

Communicate with the trees through your thoughts. They don’t necessarily understand our spoken language, rather they understand our vibration and intention. Some will allow you to approach them and others have a mistrust of  humans and will prefer if you keep your distance. If you are out among the trees politely introduce yourself and ask if you can approach. You will know by the way you feel if this is okay. Trust your instinct.

Oh and one more thing. Don’t look behind you to see who’s watching when you finally do hug a tree. Open up your heart space and set your inhibitions free. The love, wisdom, comfort and healing you will receive from communicating and meditating with trees is well worth the trip to the looney bin in a padded coat. Tee hee!!!FullSizeRender(3)





  • Karen Fisher

    Hi sweetie, wow, reading this lifted my spirits which as you know have not been as high as usual for the past couple of weeks. I actually took a deep breath as though I was letting something go. A feeling like euphoria came over me and as I write this I am smiling!! I intend to go out in my garden probably tomorrow since it is so hot today so that I can say hello to my trees and who knows perhaps one of them will reach out to me. Love and hugs to you?

    • I too am a tree lover, and love to touch them, and be near them. I have friends who think I’m crazy, but too bad. I liked your article, very well written. I have several close friends who are are also tree huggers/lovers…:)

    • thesoulpreneur444@gmail.com

      I’m so glad your heart was touched and your were able to let something go. Now go out in your garden barefoot and walk around. Let the healing properties of nature soothe your soul. xo

  • Dear Dana,
    I too am a tree “hugger” and I have my favorite Oak tree that my husband and I planted many years ago and it is now strong enough for hugs!!!! I also have a oak tree down the street from my house that I have been hugging for years and yes the neighbors think I am weird so now I give them a wave when they slowly drive up the street. I just know they are thinking to themselves oh my gosh their is that weirdo tree hugger lady again!!!
    Love your articles they make me smile <3

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