Your Inner Octopus is a guest blog post from a good friend and mentor, Hope Gold. She is brilliantly amazing and I love her. We have never met in person and although I hope to look into her beautiful eyes one day, it really isn’t necessary, for I have already looked into her soul.

Stop by her website. You will love her too.

Your Inner Octopus totally and completely resonated with me. It gave me chills.  I was inspired to look up the octopus as a spirit animal guide and I immediately knew that I found some much needed magic and medicine.  Interestingly enough, the octopus has eight arms which coincides with my life path number, 8. How’s that for validation!  Much introspection is on the way!

Hmmm. if only my husband, Al, had eight arms……..just think of the possibilities………Oh stop! Does everything have to be sexual with you people? I just meant that he would be more efficient at um, house cleaning. 🙂  Sheesh.

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Your Inner Octopus

A couple of years ago I had a dream about an octopus.  The octopus was the “pet” of a woman who happened to be dating a friend of mine.

She took the octopus out of the ocean water and put it in a Tiffany diamond blue box.  She tried to put the lid on the box, but wrestle the lid around as she might, that octopus kept moving one arm, then another, then another, in protest, popping out from underneath the lid…..until eventually she let go and walked away because……you can’t contain an octopus.  It is too wily, too busy with too many arms to pin down, too intelligent, too independent.  Soon after this dream, in real time, my friend ended that relationship.  No surprises were had, by anyone. At all.

At this moment, we are all octopuses (not octopi, dang it, I looked up the correct plural form and it’s not like cacti, much to my grammatically fixated chagrin) learning to use our tentacles.  Well, except that tentacles aren’t really tentacles regarding octopuses.  They are actually called arms.  Tentacles are specific to cuttlefish and squid.  Just so you know.

So let’s reframe now and say we are all octopuses working with our eight arms.  And those arms have a number of suction cups on them, that are quite perspicacious, responsive, and intuitive with their environments.  Octopuses move around in a very moderate, calculated fashion, using all of their arms congruently to reach their goal.  They have been known to leave their tanks (if open), crawl around the floor in the open air, and even open jar lids.  If they lose an arm, another one grows back.  Neurons and “thinking” receptors that are usually found only in the brain, operate all along the arms of an octopus.  Thus, octopuses holistically think, feel, and utilize every part of their bodies while alive.  If we think of human beings on an energetic level, where mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and operating on multiple levels all at once, we can compare ourselves in many ways to octopuses.

(I read once that these fascinating cephalopods aren’t really of this world.  They may be alien in origin.  But then again, the same could go for humanity, says the woman who’s seen Sirians in her backyard.  But I digress.)

So…….how are we using our arms these days?  THAT, my friends, is the true question.

As usual, I tend to write when I am inspired, based on what appear to be universal themes emerging with friends, clients, and colleagues.  Lately the message that continues to float in is about universal alignment.

“Universal alignment” is a beautiful phrase that refers to aligning, or lining up all facets of our existence in such a way that they are concurrent.  Vibrationally, we would ideally want our outer lives and our inner world to match.  Show consistency.

So often they don’t.

Much like the octopus, we have “arms” that are energetic trails moving out from us to different areas of our lives.  Our energy traces out to work, family, friends, home life, hobbies, even social networks.  Often those trails….our “worlds”…..are operating on different frequency bands.  One area of our lives may feel really productive and clear.  Another area of our lives may be problematic.  Yet another area of our lives may be downright messy, and need a complete overhaul.

You know what is what in your world(s).  You know.

The energies over the past few days, as honed and refined by Saturn, have given us pause to feel into our personal octopus arms and meditate on where they stand at this moment for us.

What needs tweaking?  What needs a rebirth?  What needs a brave push towards that thing….that THING that down deep makes your heart sing?

When we commit to going into universal alignment, we recognize and own that all of the facets of our existence should vibrationally “match.”  You want to, just like the octopus, move intentionally and mindfully in your lives with all eight arms in motion, working together in sync towards a particular goal.  The goal is specific to your life path and life themes, of which we ALL have as souls.

For example, over a decade ago, my work life was full of meaning and growth.  I was creating religious education programming in a compassionate, enlightened church association, and healing much of my childhood’s dogmatic programming.  I was using the skills I learned as a Peace Corps Volunteer- analyzing a community’s needs and then crafting organized programming to fill those needs.  I was juggling this with young motherhood, and in those areas, I felt confident.  I felt I could “shine.”

However, I did not “shine” at home.  My home life was rocky.  It was full of arguments, irrational behaviors, emotional abuse.  Certain arms of my personal octopus were moving in directions that aligned with my perceived “purpose.”  Yet these other interpersonal relationships did NOT align.  Not even close.  In order to live in a consistent fashion, on all levels, something had to change.  Something had to GO.  And you can guess, I’m sure, what I released.

I packed my portion of the household back then, put my daughters in the car, and headed to South Carolina from Virginia, not knowing how my work would line up or how this would play out.  I trusted that if I followed my heart, and believed that all would align, somehow, everything would be okay.  God/the universe/my guides/ whomever would assist and have my back. And it did align.  And it was okay.

Universal alignment is not a skip through the daisies.  It can be exciting, scary, painful or sorrowful.  It depends on where you’re out of sync in your own sphere, and how much courage you can muster to change it.

And here’s the thing- if you are afraid to take a long look at these energetic arms that are your story- if you hunker down and resist change………it’ll come for you anyway. (in astrology that’s usually prompted by a Uranus transit) Often when it does, it’s WAY more difficult than if you had met it head on with a pure heart and a dedicated spirit.

Universal alignment, spiritual harmony, is your inherent soul right.

Let me repeat:  it is your INHERENT SOUL RIGHT.

You have the right to follow your dreams.

You have the right to listen to your heart.

You have the right to honor your emotional processes.

You have the right to live fully.

You have the right to love madly.

You have the right to take risks.

You have the right to say NO or YES.

You have the right to be fully, unapologetically you.

Now go count those statements.  There are eight of them.  Just like an octopus has eight arms.  Pray.  Meditate.  Feel what areas of your life resonate and are on par with who you know deep down you ARE.  Then feel which areas of your life are “off” or not quite who you are or where you want to be.  Pray to go into alignment.  The universe will step in and assist you in doing so.

Then be ready.

‘Cause things may shift.

But that’s okay.

Because you’re primed.  You have been for a while.

And as always, I love you deeply.

Hope Gold 2017



Until next time,

Blessings  of love and light,



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